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RYO OKUMOTO - The Myth Of The Mostrophus

RYO OKUMOTO - The Myth Of The Mostrophus

(Limited CD Digipak / Black 2 LP + CD)

Known for his activity as keyboardist in Spocks Beard and The ProgJect, Ryo presents his next solo album "The Myth of the Mostrophus". Lasting over an hour, his new album delivers entertaining top class progressive rock. Guests include Steve Hackett, Mike Keneally, Nick D'Virgilio, Michael Sadler, All of Spocks Beard, and many more!

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TIM BOWNESS - Butterfly Mind

TIM BOWNESS - Butterfly Mind

(Limited 2 CD / Limited Black LP + CD)

RELEASE DATE: 05/08/2022 (previously 17/06/2022)

Coming 40 years after he first started performing in bands in his native North West of England, Butterfly Mind is the most surprising release yet from Tim Bowness.Tim’s seventh solo album features a spectacular guest list including Ian Anderson (Jethro Tull), Peter Hammill (Van Der Graaf Generator), and Gregory Spawton (Big Big Train).

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PORCUPINE TREE - Closure/Continuation

PORCUPINE TREE - Closure/Continuation

(2 / 2 LP - LIMITED WHITE / 2 LP - BLACK / Deluxe Boxset)

Porcupine Tree - one of the UK’s most forward-thinking, genre-defying rock bands - returns with its first new music in twelve years. Over a decade in the making, it's a grand statement wholly worthy of the revered Porcupine Tree name..

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HATS OFF GENTLEMEN - The Confidence Trick
6th album from UK Prog band Hats Off Gentlemen Itís Adequate Format: CD / Cat No: GC4161 / PRE-ORDER Release Date: 29/07/2022
£ 9.99
AKERFELDT MIKAEL - Clark (Soundtrack From The Netflix Series)
The powerful original score for the Netflix series Clark by Opeth's Mikael Ňkerfeldt. Format: CD / Cat No: 19658708322 / PRE-ORDER Release Date: 22/07/2022
£ 10.99
MIGHTY RAH (THE) - All Secrets Known
Hailing from Wales, 'All Secrets Known' is the debut album from The Mighty Ra! Format: CD / Cat No: WKCD0522 / PRE-ORDER Release Date: 17/06/2022
£ 9.99
SHERINIAN DEREK - Vortex (Limited CD Digipak)
Sons Of Apollo keyboard player releases a brand new album with superb guest guitarists! Format: CD / Cat No: 19658706902 / PRE-ORDER Release Date: 01/07/2022
£ 11.99
MUSE - Will Of The People
Ninth album from Muse, and the follow-up to 2018's Simulation Theory. Format: CD / Cat No: 190296383731 / PRE-ORDER Release Date: 26/08/2022
£ 11.99
VELCROCRANES - What If I Die (Limited CD with bonus track)
Debut from Russian Prog band with guest appearance by Adam Holzman (Steven Wilson) Format: CD / Cat No: 19439993592 / PRE-ORDER Release Date: 28/10/2022
£ 10.99


Kite Parade - The Way Home

BARDIC DEPTHS - Promises of Hope

(Standard CD)

The Bardic Depths return with a brand new band and new album following their successful debut (2020). Dave Bandana, Peter Jones (Camel / Tiger Moth Tales / Red Bazar), Gareth Cole (Paul Menel / Fractal Mirror) and Tim Gehrt (The Streets / Steve Walsh) are ably supported by a number of guest performances on 'Promises of Hope'.

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TANGENT - Songs From The Hard Shoulder

TANGENT - Songs From The Hard Shoulder


(Limited CD / Black 2LP+CD)

This album sees The Tangent focusing almost entirely on their long format songs or "epics" with only one song being less than 16 minutes long. A very mature sounding record, the band have audibly focused on the compositional structure of this album which in the case of the three long pieces is also highly complex and "thought out".

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(Digipak CD / CD/Blu-Ray)

The album features 12 re-recorded and re-worked Pineapple Thief classics now featuring Gavin Harrison on drums, and with new vocals and guitars from Bruce Soord, new mixing by Soord and Harrison, and mastering by Steve Kitch.

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(Limited CD / Black LP+CD)

Pure Reason Revolution returns with its fifth studio album, Above Cirrus (the band's second since reuniting in 2019). Based around the core trio of Jon Courtney, Chloe Alper and Greg Jong, Above Cirrus sees PRR reaching ever deeper into the atmospheric, cinematic psych-prog compositions that made the bands name.

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Kaipa - Urskog

Kaipa - Urskog

(Limited Digipak CD / Black 2LP+CD)

Legendary Swedish progressive folk-fusion rock band KAIPA returns with their 14th studio album “Urskog” and a new drummer. Superb musicianship and melodies - we love Kaipa here at! Recommended!

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Bjorn Riis - Everything To Everyone

Bjorn Riis - Everything To Everyone

(Limited Digipak CD with bonus track / Standard CD / Black LP / Black & White Splatter LP)

Everything to Everyone is the fourth full length solo record by Airbag co-founder, songwriter and lead guitarist, Bjorn Riis. For fans of Pink Floyd, Porcupine Tree, Airbag and Marillion, this artist is a favourite of ours at! Recommended!

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(Limited CD with bonus track / Black 2 LP + CD)

Band featuring the talents of current and former SPOCK’S BEARD members Ted Leonard, Jimmy Keegan, and Dave Meros, as well as long-time contributing songwriter-producer John Boegehold. A prog rock journey with strong and infectious melodies, strong dynamics and impressive song structures. Recommended!

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Tiger Moth Sales - A Song Of Spring

Tiger Moth Sales - A Song Of Spring

(Standard CD)

New album from the band formed by Peter Jones, who is also keyboard player with Camel and Francis Dunnery's It Bites. Guest appearance by Andy Latimer (Camel) on the closing track! Recommended!

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Tiger Moth Sales - Spring re-Loaded

Tiger Moth Sales - Spring re-Loaded (AUTOGRAPHED!)

(CD in slipcase)

Accompanying CD to 'A Song Of Spring' with extra tracks, instrumentals, alternate arrangements, and live tracks. And autographed by Peter Jones!

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FLOWER KINGS - By Royal Decree

FLOWER KINGS - By Royal Decree


(Limited 2 CD / 3 LP + 2 CD)

The Swedish prog-rock legends have returned with the newest full-length offering in their 25-year history. With virtually no touring for the last two years, the band was free to focus on recording new material, as well as reviewing things left on the cutting room floor from previous sessions.

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(Standard CD)

The duo, both accomplished musicians in their own right, have joined forces on a number of projects in the past, most notably as members of the UK's best-loved Genesis Tribute band, ReGenesis. Recorded in 2020 and completed in Autumn 2021, Dark Before Dawn follows on from The Divide both lyrically and musically but is instrumentally more diverse and ambitious than their first album.

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ENVY OF NONE - Envy Of None

ENVY OF NONE - Envy Of None

(3 formats: CD / LP (Limited WHITE vinyl) / LP (Black)

New band formed by Alex Lifeson (Rush), Andy Curran (Coney Hatch), Alfio Annibalini & Singer Maiah Wynne. The ambient, cinematic darkness that the collective creates evokes a powerful atmosphere but Envy Of None is not defined by its members resumes - they aren't Rush or Coney Hatch!

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Kaprekar's Constant - The Murder Wall

Kaprekar's Constant - The Murder Wall

(Standard CD)

Follow up to the hugely popula 'Fate Outsmarts Desire' and includes David Jackson (VDGG).

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FLOWER KINGS - Stardust We Are (Ltd 2 CD - Reissue 2022)
2022 reissue with remastered and partly remixed audio of album originally released in 1997 Format: CD / Cat No: 19658706932 / Released: 24/06/2022
£ 12.99
FLOWER KINGS - Flower Power (Ltd 2 CD - Reissue 2022)
2022 reissue with remastered and partly remixed audio of album originally released in 1999 Format: CD / Cat No: 19658706952 / Released: 24/06/2022
£ 12.99
FLOWER KINGS - Back In The World Of Adventures (CD - Reissue 2022)
2022 reissue with remastered and partly remixed audio of album originally released in 1995 Format: CD / Cat No: 19439956812 / Released: 27/05/2022
£ 10.99
FLOWER KINGS - Retropolis (CD - Reissue 2022)
2022 reissue with remastered and partly remixed audio of album originally released in 1996 Format: CD / Cat No: 19439956842 / Released: 27/05/2022
£ 10.99
GENESIS - The Shrine Auditorium (2 CD)
1975 show from The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway tour recorded for the King Biscuit Flower Hour! Format: CD / Cat No: XRY2CD016 / Released: 23/05/2022
£ 11.99
ASIA - Asia in Asia - Live at The Budokan, Tokyo,1983 (Digipak)
First live broadcast between Japan and MTV and only ever been released on VHS! Format: CD / Cat No: BMGCAT527CD / Released: 17/06/2022
£ 10.99
KULA SHAKER - 1st Congregational Church Of Eternal Love and Free Hugs
Kula Shaker's most inspired album in years! Format: CD / Cat No: SFKS020CD / Released: 17/06/2022
£ 10.99
NEKTAR - Live In Germany 2005 (2 CD)
First mainstream release of this Nektar live album - full show with 2 previously unreleased tracks Format: CD / Cat No: EXM016 / Released: 06/05/2022
£ 12.99
OPETH - In Cauda Venenum (Extended Edition) (3 CD Digipak)
Extended edition featuring 3 previously unreleased songs! Format: CD / Cat No: 4251981701608 / Released: 13/05/2022
£ 12.99
AYREON/STAR ONE - Revel In Time (Limited 2 CD)
3rd Star One release is a riff driven concept album with virtuoso musicianship! Format: CD / Cat No: 19439935172 / Released: 18/02/2022
£ 12.99
LABRIE JAMES - Beautiful Shade Of Grey (Limited Digipak CD)
New studio album from Dream Theater vocalist James LaBrie Format: CD / Cat No: 19439991792 / Released: 20/05/2022
£ 10.99
DREAM THEATER - Lost Not Forgotten Archives: Falling Into Infinity Demos 1996 - 1997 (2 CD)
Original demos from the recording sessions for one of the band's most highly regarded albums! Format: CD / Cat No: 19658705512 / Released: 13/05/2022
£ 15.99
LAST FLIGHT TO PLUTO - Random Karma, Fate And Destiny
Third album from UK Prog band following 'A Drop In The Ocean' (2019) Format: CD / Cat No: WKCD0422 / Released: 23/05/2022
£ 9.99
ELP - At The Surgery
Early European shows in Rome and Milan during the Brain Salad Surgery tour in May 1973 Format: CD / Cat No: XRYCD015 / Released: 23/05/2022
£ 9.99
New instrumental project sitting between post-rock and prog, and featuring some big names! Format: CD / Cat No: TJMCDS01 / Released: 22/04/2022
£ 9.99
VON HERTZEN BROTHERS - Red Alert In The Blue Forest
Eighth studio album and perhaps their most thematically focused yet. Format: CD / Cat No: 0190296364761 / Released: 18/03/2022
£ 13.49
KITE PARADE - The Way Home
The debut album from Kite Parade, with guest Nick DíVirgilio and mixed by Rob Aubrey Format: CD / Cat No: WKCD0222 / Released: 18/03/2022
£ 9.99
KNIGHT AREA - D-Day II - The Final Chapter (Digibook CD)
Follow-up to the successful first D-Day album (2019) with new singer Jan Willem Ketelaers (Ayreon) Format: CD / Cat No: BUR340088 / Released: 11/03/2022
£ 12.99
CRAFT - First Signs (Definitive Edition)
Reissue of long deleted album by Craft including 8 bonus tracks Format: CD / Cat No: EXM020 / Released: 03/12/2021
£ 11.99
New studio album by Rosalie Cunningham (ex-Purson) Format: CD / Cat No: EANTCD1092 / Released: 25/02/2022
£ 10.99
REED ROB - The Ringmaster - Part Two (Sanctuary IIII) (Special Edition: 2 CD + DVD)
Part 2 of follow-up to the successful Sanctuary series, including Simon Phillips & Troy Donockley Format: CD / Cat No: TMRCD1022 / Released: 04/02/2022
£ 14.99
GAZPACHO - Fireworking At St.Croix (CD)
Gazpachoís lockdown project Fireworking At St.Croix. Format: CD / Cat No: KSCOPE690 / Released: 28/03/2022
£ 11.99
WINTER IN EDEN - Social Fake (Digipak)
Highly anticipated fourth album from UK prog metal quintet Format: CD / Cat No: FM1402 / Released: 25/03/2022
£ 11.99
AYREON/STAR ONE - Victims Of The Modern Age (Limited 2 CD - Re-issue 2022)
2010 album from Arjen Anthony Lucassenís Star One with bonus tracks! Format: CD / Cat No: 19439983332 / Released: 01/04/2022
£ 12.99
AYREON/STAR ONE - Space Metal (Limited 2 CD - Re-issue 2022)
Debut album (2002) from Arjen Anthony Lucassenís Star One with bonus tracks! Format: CD / Cat No: 19439983352 / Released: 18/03/2022
£ 12.99
TWELFTH NIGHT - Smiling At Grief - Revisited (40th Anniversary Edition)
40 years since the original release artists have remixed the album from original master tracks Format: CD / Cat No: TN003CD / Released: 28/03/2022
£ 10.99
D’VIRGILIO MORSE JENNINGS - Troika (Limited CD with bonus track)
Debut from new band featurng Nick DíVirgilio, Neal Morse, and Ross Jennings! Format: CD / Cat No: 19439936112 / Released: 25/02/2022
£ 10.99


LEE ABRAHAM - Only Human

LEE ABRAHAM - Only Human



UK prog rock musician and guitarist Lee Abraham continues his annual run of album releases with his stunning new 9th solo album called 'Only Human', released exactly 1 year after the extremely well received 'Harmony/Synchronicity'. Includes a 30 minute Prog epic opener 'Counting Down'!

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CYAN - For King And Country (2021)

CYAN - For King And Country (2021)

(CD + DVD)

Cyan was the formed by Magenta’s Robert Reed back in 1983, whilst at school. 2021 sees the reformation of a new Cyan line-up including Peter Jones (Camel / Tiger Moth Tales) on vocals, Luke Machin (The Tangent / Maschine) on guitar, and Dan Nelson (Godsticks / Magenta) on bass. The new album is a complete re-working of the original Cyan album “For King And Country”. Highly recommended!

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MAGENTA - Angels And Damned

MAGENTA - Angels And Damned

(2 DVD + 2 CD / 2 DVD + 2 CD) + SEPARATE 52 page booklet)

In May of 2019 Magenta celebrated their 20th anniversary by performing to a sold out audience, featuring songs from all seven of Magenta’s studio albums including favourites The White Witch, Red, Gluttony and a 48 minute section from the 2006 album 'Home'. Guests include Peter Jones (Tiger Moth Tales / Camel) and David Longdon (Big Big Train).

Also available with very limited 52 page booklet

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MOSTLY AUTUMN - Graveyard Star

MOSTLY AUTUMN - Graveyard Star


"This album is a deep, heartfelt reflection of how we were feeling through 2020 / 2021, a documentation of living through the pandemic. Although a lot of the sadness and otherworldliness was personal to us, I’m sure many will relate to the content. We truly believe that the song-to-song strength of this work could be our finest to date." (Mostly Autumn).

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Kites is the third album from UK Prog band This Winter Machine, with a new line-up.

Peter Jones (Tiger Moth Tales, Camel) also guests on the track 'Sometimes' and brings excellent vocals to the album.

Also available as a special offer: the NEW album 'Kites' plus the band's second album 'A Tower Of Clocks' for a very special price!

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TRANSATLANTIC - The Absolute Universe: Forevermore (Extended Version) (2 CD Digipak)
5th release from Transatlantic - Neal Morse, Roine Stolt, Pete Trewavas and Mike Portnoy Format: CD / Cat No: 19439835042 / Released: 08/02/2021
£ 13.99
MARILLION - Script For A Jester’s Tear (Deluxe 4 CD+BluRay Edition)
Superb deluxe 4CD/1Blu-Ray remixed edition of Script For A Jesterís Tear (1983) Format: CD / Cat No: 0190295316679 / Released: 17/04/2020
£ 29.99
BIG BIG TRAIN - Welcome To The Planet (Digipak)
New album coming just 6 months after the hugely successful Common Ground Format: CD / Cat No: EERCD0029 / Released: 28/01/2022
£ 10.99

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