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LEE ABRAHAM - Harmony/Synchronicity

(Jewel Case CD)

Galahad guitarist and solo artist Lee Abraham will release his latest solo album on Friday 04 September 2020.

The album was written and recorded during an intense 8 week period during the UK pandemic lockdown between April and June 2020, and follows less than a year after Lee’s critically acclaimed album ‘Comatose’.


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LONELY ROBOT - Feelings Are Good

(Limited Digipak CD / 2 LP + CD)

New studio album from John Mitchell (Frost*, It Bites) marking a new chapter for Lonely Robot. Musically, Mitchell has retained his signature Lonely Robot sound and further refined it within the context of lush modern Prog and Rock anthems that combine complex and accessible elements with powerful dynamics and strong songwriting.


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(Standard CD / 2 LP + CD / Limited 3 CD Digipak Anthology)

In the third part of the Cover To Cover series, Neal Morse, Mike Portnoy and Randy George cover the work of David Bowie, Gerry Rafferty, Lenny Kravitz, Squeeze and more. Including a rendition of No Opportunity Necessary, No Experience Needed featuring Yes vocalist Jon Davidson on vocals.


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KANSAS - The Absence Of Presence

KANSAS - The Absence Of Presence

(Special Edition Digipak / 2 LP + CD / CD+Blu-ray - Very Limited Artbook)

Sixteenth studio album and a follow-up to the acclaimed The Prelude Implicit (2016).
A wide-ranging progressive rock ‘experience’ that displays the consummate skills of Phil Ehart, Billy Greer, Ronnie Platt, David Ragsdale, Tom Brislin, Zak Rizvi, and Richard Williams.


(previously 26 JUNE 2020)

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ANDERSON JON - 1000 Hands (CD)
2019 solo release with guests including, Steve Howe, Chris Squire, Ian Anderson and many more! Format: CD / Cat No: BER1266CD / Released: 14/08/2020
£ 12.99
AYREON - Transitus (2 CD Digipak)
Ayreon releases a brand-new sprawling and epic studio album ‘Transitus’ Format: CD / Cat No: 0810020502268 / Released: 25/09/2020
£ 15.99
TANGENT - Auto Reconnaissance (Limited CD Digipak)
2020’s Prog tour-de-force from The Tangent - Limited edition CD in digipak (with bonus track). Format: CD / Cat No: 19439776012 / Released: 21/08/2020
£ 10.99
PINEAPPLE THIEF - Versions Of The Truth (CD)
Excellent new album from The Pineapple Thief - led by Bruce Soord with drummer Gavin Harrison Format: CD / Cat No: KSCOPE662 / Released: 04/09/2020
£ 9.99
FLYING COLORS - Third Stage: Live In London (2 CD + Bonus DVD)
Superb 3rd live album by the prog-supergroup recorded in December 2019 in London Format: CD / Cat No: 0810020502343 / Released: 18/09/2020
£ 16.99
ANEKDOTEN - From Within (Digipak CD - 2020 Remaster)
2020 remaster of 1991 album - An album of light, shade and Mellotrons aplenty! Format: CD / Cat No: KSCOPE660 / Released: 06/07/2020
£ 9.99
GENTLE STORM - The Diary (Standard CD Jewelcase)
Project from Arjen Anthony Lucassen & Anneke van Giersbergen! Format: CD / Cat No: 19439784192 / Released: 17/07/2020
£ 12.99
GOSTA BERLINGS SAGA - Konkret Musik (Limited CD Digipak)
Gosta Berlings Saga from Stockholm, Sweden return with their sixth studio album. Format: CD / Cat No: 19439750932 / Released: 24/07/2020
£ 10.99
FATAL FUSION - Dissonant Minds (CD)
Fourth album from Norwegian progressive rock band Format: CD / Cat No: ARP033CD / Released: 10/07/2020
£ 11.99
HAZE - Back To The Bones
Brand new album following the hugely succesful 'The Last Battle'. Format: CD / Cat No: GABCD 21 / Released: 04/07/2020
£ 9.99
KYROS - Celexa Dreams (CD)
2020 album from the band previously known as SYNAESTHESIA! Format: CD / Cat No: WSCD9010 / Released: 21/08/2020
£ 10.99
HAKEN - Virus (Limited 2 CD Mediabook)
NEW RELEASE (was 05/06/20 then 10/07/20) - Virus is perhaps the most eclectic Haken album to date. Format: CD / Cat No: 19439744712 / Released: 24/07/2020
£ 15.99
PHILLIPS ANTHONY - The Living Room Concert
Newly re-mastered and expanded edition of the 1995 release by original Genesis guitarist Format: CD / Cat No: ECLEC 2721 / Released: 24/07/2020
£ 10.99
BJH - Barclay James Harvest And Other Short Stories: Remastered & Expanded (2CD + DVD)
NEW DATE (was 31/07/2020). Newly re-mastered, mixed and expanded edition of the classic 1971 album. Format: CD / Cat No: PECLEC32720 / Released: 28/08/2020
£ 20.99
COUSINS DAVE - The Boy In The Sailor Suit (Remastered & Expanded Edition)
Newly re-mastered and expanded edition of the 2007 solo album by Strawbs founder member Format: CD / Cat No: ECLEC 2723 / Released: 24/07/2020
£ 10.99
SOFT MACHINE - Live At the Baked Potato
Recorded in Los Angeles, USA on 1st February 2019 during the band's extensive 'Hidden Details' tour Format: CD / Cat No: DY031 / Released: 03/07/2020
£ 9.99
2020’s Love Is is legendary Yes guitarist Steve Howe's first solo album since Time in 2011. Format: CD / Cat No: 4050538608595 / Released: 31/07/2020
£ 10.99
PENDRAGON - The World (2 LP)
140g vinyl pressing of Pendragon's superb 1991 album Format: Album / Cat No: SMALP1179 / Released: 06/07/2020
£ 17.99


MAGENTA - Masters Of Illusion / The Lost Reel

MAGENTA - Masters Of Illusion / The Lost Reel

(CD+DVD / Bonus CD / Special Offer)

Follow up to 'We Are Legend' (2017). Six songs including the 17 minute title track. CD plus DVD with 5.1 surround mix, videos and interviews. Also available is a VERY LIMITED bonus CD 'The Lost Reel' with 74 minutes of alternative mixes plus remixes from Magenta's back catalogue. Special pre-order price! Highly recommended!


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AIRBAG - A Day At The Beach

(4 formats: Limited Digisleeve CD / Standard CD / Black LP / Limited Clear Vinyl LP)

“A Day At The Beach” features six new songs recorded during autumn and winter of 2019-20. Inspired by the resurgence of 1980s electronica, new wave and movie scores, Airbag has created a powerful sound combining ethereal soundscapes with their signature guitar driven progressive rock. The result is a stunning selection of songs revealing a mature band looking forward, with an impressive legacy.

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(2 formats: Limited Digipak / Gatefold Black 2 LP + CD)

The second studio album from Pattern-Seeking Animals (the quartet featuring the talents of current and former Spock’s Beard members Ted Leonard, Jimmy Keegan and Dave Meros as well as long-time contributing songwriter-producer John Boegehold).

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CHIMPAN A - The Empathy Machine

CHIMPAN A - The Empathy Machine

The second album by Chimpan A, The Empathy Machine, finally gets released after 14 years in the making. The core of the band are vocalist Steve Balsamo (Balsamo Deighton, Jesus Christ Superstar, Eric Woolfson) and multi-instrumentalist Robert Reed (Magenta, Sanctuary, Kompendium). The album follows their self-titled debut album, released in 2006.

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GENESIS - The Lost Tapes (3 CD)
NEW RELEASE DATE (was 22/05/2020) - Luxury three disc digipak with the band at its outstanding best! Format: CD / Cat No: 1148992 / Released: 22/06/2020
£ 13.99
MARILLION - Script For A Jester’s Tear (Deluxe 4 CD+BluRay Edition)
Superb deluxe 4CD/1Blu-Ray remixed edition of Script For A Jester’s Tear (1983) Format: CD / Cat No: 0190295316679 / Released: 17/04/2020
£ 29.99
ECHO RAIN - Western Skies (4 track EP)
Exciting side project from Lee Abraham - 22 minutes of melodic instrumental music Format: CD / Cat No: GD004 / Released: 03/07/2020
£ 6.99
ABEL GANZ - The Life Of The Honey Bee & Other Moments Of Clarity
NEW RELEASE DATE (was 15/06/2020) - The eagerly and long-awaited new album! Format: CD / Cat No: ARAG004CD / Released: 06/07/2020
£ 11.99
PROFESSOR TIP TOP - Tomorrow Is Delayed (CD)
6th album from Nowegian Prog band, their first with new singer/keyboardist Sonja Otto Format: CD / Cat No: ARP031CD / Released: 26/06/2020
£ 11.99
STRAWBS - Heartbreak Hill: Remastered & Expanded Edition
Newly remastered and expanded edition of the classic “lost” Strawbs album HEARTBREAK HILL (1978) Format: CD / Cat No: ECLEC2719 / Released: 26/06/2020
£ 10.99
ARABS IN ASPIC - Madness And Magic
Seventh album from Norwegian prog band inspired by classic 70s Prog! Format: CD / Cat No: KAR190CD / Released: 12/06/2020
£ 11.99
GOLDEN CAVES - Dysergy (Limited Digipak)
Highly anctipated second album by Dutch band - Prog Rock with alt-influences Format: CD / Cat No: GC2020 / Released: 18/05/2020
£ 12.99
RUSH - Permanent Waves (40th Anniversary 2 CD)
40th anniversay release of the iconic album - this is the 2 CD edition! Format: CD / Cat No: 0860722 / Released: 29/05/2020
£ 14.99
OPIUM CARTEL - Valor (CD with bonus track)
Third album from art rock/pop side project from White Willow's Jacob Holm-Lupo (with bonus track) Format: CD / Cat No: AP071CD / Released: 05/06/2020
£ 11.99
FISH ON FRIDAY. - Black Rain
5th album from Dutch Prog band including bassist Nick Beggs - 11 track concept album Format: CD / Cat No: EANTCD 1084 / Released: 15/05/2020
£ 10.99
LESOIR - Mosaic (CD)
Dutch art rock quintet LESOIR release their fifth studio album and follow-up to 2017’s ‘Latitude’ Format: CD / Cat No: GVR192748 / Released: 22/05/2020
£ 13.99
NIGHTWISH - Human:II:Nature (Limited Edition 2 CD Digibook)
New double album of passionate, progressive metal at it's very best. Format: CD / Cat No: 0727361520403 / Released: 17/04/2020
£ 14.99
CALIGULA’S HORSE - Rise Radiant (Ltd digipak with bonus tracks)
New album from Australian band, a leading light in contemporary progressive metal Format: CD / Cat No: 19439744612 / Released: 22/05/2020
£ 10.99
PURE REASON REVOLUTION - Eupnea (Limited CD Digipak)
Eupnea represents the long-awaited return of Pure Reason Revolution! Format: CD / Cat No: 19439725042 / Released: 03/04/2020
£ 10.99
GABRIEL PETER - Rated PG (Digipak CD)
Compilation featuring a collection of Peter Gabriel songs from the movies Format: CD / Cat No: PGCD19 / Released: 12/06/2020
£ 9.99
GENESIS - Back In Toronto 1974 (2 CD)
Radio broadcast from Toronto in 1974 - first time release on CD Format: CD / Cat No: 1148392 / Released: 06/04/2020
£ 10.99
GENESIS - The Lamb Lies Down In Rochester (2 CD)
Live FM Radio Broadcast from 17th December 1974 recorded at Auditorium Theater in Rochester, NY, USA Format: CD / Cat No: LFM2CD642 / Released: 03/04/2020
£ 10.99
PORCUPINE TREE - In Absentia (4 Disc Deluxe Book Edition)
The much anticipated deluxe edition of Porcupine Tree's iconic 2002 album. Format: CD / Cat No: KSCOPE548 / Released: 24/04/2020
£ 59.99
KATATONIA - City Burials (CD)
Absorbing, soaring statement of intent offering meticulously crafted doses of melancholy. Format: CD / Cat No: CDVILEF854 / Released: 24/04/2020
£ 9.99
ENID - Live At Loughborough Town Hall 1980
Captured live in 1980 at Loughborough Town Hall - Never before released on CD. Format: CD / Cat No: SJPCD610 / Released: 06/04/2020
£ 10.99

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