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WISHBONE ASH - Argus (50th Anniversary Edition)

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WISHBONE ASH - Argus (50th Anniversary Edition)50th anniversary of the band's classic album Argus with a 7-Disc multi-format box set.
Format: CD / Cat No: SMABX1232 / Released: 14/04/2023

Track Listing: Argus (LP):

Side A: 1. Time Was / 2. Sometime World / 3. Blowin' Free

Side B: 1. The King Will Come / 2. Leaf And Stream / 3. Warrior / 4. Throw Down The Sword

CD 1 (Argus Martin Turner 2022 Remaster):

1. Time Was / 2. Sometime World / 3. Blowin` Free / 4. The King Will Come / 5. Leaf And Stream / 6. Warrior / 7. Throw Down The Sword / Bonus tracks: 8. Time Was (Demo) / 9. The King Will Come (Demo) / 10. Warrior (Demo) / 11. Throw Down The Sword (Demo)

7” Single:

Side A: 1. No Easy Road (1972 Single Version) / Side B: 1. Blowin' Free (1972 Single Version)

Argus Live LP:

Side A (Live At Alexandra Palace 22/12/1973): 1. Blowin` Free / 2. Sometime World

Side B (Memphis Radio Broadcast 21.08.1972): 1. Time Was / 2. Blowin` Free / 3. Warrior

CD - Live At Alexandra Palace 22/12/1973:

1. Blowin' Free / 2. Jail Bait / 3. No Easy Road / 4. Baby What You Want Me To Do / 5. Sometime World / 6. The Pilgrim / 7. Where Were You Tomorrow / 8. End Announcement

CD - Memphis Radio Broadcast 21.08.1972:

1. Time Was / 2. Blowin' Free / 3. Jail Bait / 4. Warrior / 5. The Pilgrim / 6. Phoenix / 7. Blind Eye

DVD - French & Swiss TV Footage:

1. Blowin' Free - Introduction (French TV INA 24.2.73 - Live from the Rainbow) / 2. Backstage Interview 1 (French TV INA 24.2.73 - Live from the Rainbow) / 3. The Pilgrim (French TV INA 24.2.73 - Live from the Rainbow) / 4. Backstage Interview 2 (French TV INA 24.2.73 - Live from the Rainbow) / 5. End of Phoenix (French TV INA 24.2.73 - Live from the Rainbow) / 6. Jail Bait - Intro (btb (RTS) Swiss 5.1.1974) / 7. Warrior (btb (RTS) Swiss 5.1.1974) / 8. Blowin` Free (btb (RTS) Swiss 5.1.1974) / 9. Snippet of Phoenix - Outro (btb (RTS) Swiss 5.1.1974)

More information: The set includes:

3 CDs comprising Martin Turner’s Argus remaster, Live at The Alexandra Palace 1973, Live in Memphis 1972, 4 previously unreleased early version demos.
2 LPs - An original Argus replica (remastered for this release) and Argus Live on yellow vinyl (selected recordings from Alexandra Palace and Memphis).
A DVD including French and Swiss TV footage, Live from the Rainbow 1973, and an RTS Broadcast from 1974.
A 7” Single of ‘Blowin’ Free’.
A 48-page softback perfect bound book with rare photographs and extensive liner notes featuring contributions from Andy Powell, Martin Turner and Steve Upton.
A numbered certificate of authenticity.

The band's ultimate statement given the deluxe treatment it richly deserves.

Wishbone Ash achieved considerable success in the 1970s, during which they were among England's most popular hard rock acts, achieving an incredible eight top 40 albums. Often regarded as one of the premiere UK live acts of the 1970s, the band toured throughout this period and into the following decades.

1972 was one of rock music’s most memorable years for regal releases - a golden age of classic albums - Exile on Main Street, Machine Head, The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars, All the Young Dudes, Roxy Music, Can’t Buy a Thrill, Sailin’ Shoes, Foxtrot, Demons and Wizards, Transformer and Barnstorm - by rock royalty - The Rolling Stones, Deep Purple, Davie Bowie, Mott the Hoople, Roxy Music, Steely Dan, Little Feat, Genesis, Uriah Heep, Lou Reed and Joe Walsh. Not least among these amazing artists and records was Wishbone Ash - and their award-winning ‘Album of the Year’ - Argus.

Undoubtedly the most famous of the bands’ 1970s canon, Argus is not only the biggest selling album of WA's career - featuring the beloved fan-favourite ‘Blowin’ Free’ - but also full of memorable and timeless tunes such as ‘The King Will Come’, ‘Time Was’, ‘Warrior’ and ‘Throw Down The Sword’.

Featuring a heady blend of prog rock, folk and hard rock, Argus is widely considered a vital moment in the progression of twin-lead guitar harmonisation.

As they reigned supreme through the 1970s, Wishbone Ash was centred on inspired musicianship, joyful spirit and inventive songs. Their concerts were uplifting and their recorded work sublime. Argus remains a stunning highpoint in the band’s startling repertoire. This is a vital addition to the Wishbone Ash catalogue.