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WINTER TREE - Twilight Of The Magicians (Digipak)

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WINTER TREE - Twilight Of The Magicians (Digipak)Format: CD / Released: 01/12/2013

Track Listing: 1. The Lemurians (2:32) / 2. Dolphin (3:14) / 3. Twilight of the Magicians (6:05) / 4. Angels and Demons (5:04) / 5. Cosmic Sea (7:34) / 6. The Last Morning (2:38) / 7. Sinking Island! (6:00) / 8. A New Atlantis (3:25) / 9. Lightworker (5:34)

More information: Twilight of the Magicians (digipack), released at the end of 2013, is a mostly-instrumental album performed by the man behind the band, Andrew Laitres, with the assistance of several guests. The nine songs were inspired by the late Rudolf Steinerís writings about the lost continent of Atlantis. Itís distinct from the first two The Winter Tree CDs, representing a return to the Magus style to some degree (Magus was the band from which The Winter Tree were formed). The music varies from semi-relaxed, rhythmic, groove-oriented space rock to more overtly symphonic tracks to synthetic soundscapes, all exceptionally well executed.