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WAKEMAN RICK & WAYNE JEFF - Beyond the Planets

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WAKEMAN RICK & WAYNE JEFF - Beyond the PlanetsEssentially the performance of Holst's "The planets" in a rock context
Format: CD / Cat No: MFGZ9CD / Released: 20/05/2016

Track Listing: Waves/The Journey composed by Jeff Wayne / Mars (The Bringer of War) / Venus (The Bringer of Peace) / Mercury (The Winged Messenger) / Jupiter (The Bringer of Jollity) / Circles/Saturn (The Bringer of Old Age) / Uranus (The Magician) / Neptune (The Mystic)/The Heavens Reply/Beyond (The Finale written by Rick Wakeman)

More information: Have you ever wondered what would happen if the king of progressive rock keyboards (Rick Wakeman) teamed up with the bloke who wrote The War Of The Worlds rock opera (Jeff Wayne) and the guitarist with the late lamented Classical Rock group Sky (Kevin Peek)?

Described by a reviewer: "Beyond the planets" is essentially the performance of Holst's "The planets" in a rock context. As this ends, some brief narration by Patrick Allen is heard. Allen does a great impression of Richard Burton, which when combined with Wayne's distinctive sound, immediately creates echoes of "War of the worlds". Allen returns a couple of times during the album to link tracks together with further brief narration. The familiar introduction to "Mars" (as used by Rainbow on "Eyes of the World" among many others) then takes over, and we launch into a full rendition of "The Planets suite". The music is performed dramatically and faithfully throughout, with Peek using various guitar sounds according to the mood of the piece”.