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VANGELIS - Rosetta

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VANGELIS - RosettaA brand new album inspired by his long-held passion for space
Format: CD / Cat No: 55700631 / Released: 23/09/2016

Track Listing: 01. Origins (Arrival) / 02. Starstuff / 03. Infinitude / 04. Exo genesis / 05. Celestial whispers / 06. Albedo 0.06 / 07. Sunlight / 08. Rosetta / 09. Philae's descent / 10. Mission accomplie (Rosetta's Waltz) / 11. Perihelion / 12. Elegy / 13. Return to the void

More information: A brand new album entitled ‘Rosetta’ by legendary composer and pioneer of electronic music, Vangelis, inspired by his long-held passion for space.

Vangelis, whose celebrated scores include the trailblazing ‘Chariots of Fire’ and ‘Blade Runner’, reveals his musical inspiration: “Mythology, science and space exploration are subjects that have fascinated me since my early childhood. And they were always connected somehow with the music I write.”

To Vangelis, music is a sacred, basic force of the universe, its purpose to elevate, inspire and to heal humankind. Never has this been more obvious than on ‘Rosetta’, which perfectly blends his fascination with the universe and his masterly ability to compose stirring music that fuels the senses.