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UNITED PROGRESSIVE FRATERNITY - Planetary Overload - Part 1 - Loss (2 CD)

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UNITED PROGRESSIVE FRATERNITY - Planetary Overload - Part 1 - Loss (2 CD)Band by Mark Trueack (Unitopia) & Steve Unruh (Resistor). Many guests including Steve Hackett
Format: CD / Cat No: GEPCD1061 / Released: 19/04/2019

Track Listing: CD 1 - Loss Part 1: Phase I: Dawning On Us / 1. Loss Anthem / 2. What Happens Now / 3. Cruel Times / 4. What Are We Doing To Ourselves / Phase II: Destraction And Destruction / 5. Stop-Time / 6. One More / 7. Mercinaries / 8. What If / 9. Forgive Me, My Son / Phase III: Growing / 10. Dying To Be Reborn / 11. Seeds For Life / 12. Loss To Lost

CD 2: Bonus CD of Surreal Mixes - Reimagine by Romantechs: 1. Fall In Love With the World / 2. This Time / 3. Loss to Lost / 4. Seeds for Life / 5. Rebirth / 6. One More / 7. Cruel Times / 8. Forgiveness / 9. The Great Reward

More information: Fronted by Mark Trueack (Unitopia) and Steve Unruh (Resistor), UPF is a global collective of international artists, musicians, arrangers and producers who are ‘passionately committed to empowering change in the world by leading an artistic & musical movement dedicated to sustainable environmental practices’.

The new work, the band‘s first since 2014‘s Falling In Love With The World, will be released in two parts, with Planetary Overload: Loss arriving in early 2019. As the title implies, there‘s a strong environmental message behind the album.

"Our planet is not happy in so many ways; our climate is constantly changing, religious intolerance leads to conflict, bloodshed, and outright war in an already unstable social system," Trueack explained. "If projects like ours can make a difference and if we can involve our friends and other lovers of music then we will have a better world."

The urgency of the message in Planetary Overload cannot be overstated – “Our entire survival depends on what action humanity takes in the next few years, and the United Progressive Fraternity is striving to create the best musically communicated albums ever made. Together we must make a change to save our distressed planet.”

Planetary Overload represents the culmination of more than four years of collaboration with international guest musicians, a team of talented songwriters and arrangers, support from documentary film directors and environmental organisations, endorsements from climate scientists, and features the voices of prominent spokespersons such as Jane Goodall, Sir David Attenborough, Dr. James E. Hansen, David Suzuki, and others.

The new album also features a host of guest musicians, including Steve Hackett, Jerry Marotta, Nick Magnus, Hasse Froberg, Michel St-Pere and more.

Artist Ed Unitsky returns to create new artwork for the project which comes endorsed by a host of scientists and corporations.

Steve Hackett adds: “The idea of loss and hope is vital as a driving force behind this CD. Whilst there is so much carnage and violence in today’s world, awareness is growing at a fast rate and indeed hope is reflected by all our sentiments and actions. Music can lead the way, with a message of love over hatred and the need to care for both the planet and all its’ inhabitants. I am proud to be a part of this project”.

Double Gatefold CD (recycled card).