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TWELFTH NIGHT - Live And Let Live - the definitive edition (2 CD)

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TWELFTH NIGHT - Live And Let Live - the definitive edition (2 CD)The classic TN release! The final gig with Geoff Mann in it's enirety!
Format: CD / Cat No: 201209 / Released: 01/10/2012

Track Listing: CD 1: 1. The Ceiling Speaks (8:17) / 2. Human Being (7:54) / 3. The End Of The Endless Majority (3:18) / 4. We Are Sane (12:01) / 5. Deep In The Heartland (4:28) / 6. Fact And Fiction (5:26) / 7. The Poet Sniffs A Flower (4:09) / 8. The Collector (19:42) / CD 2: 1. Afghan Red (11:00) / 2. Sequences (17:16) / 3. Creepshow (12:27) / 4. Art And Illusion (4:03) / 5. East Of Eden (5:21) / 6. Aspidentropy (9:51) / 7. Love Song (8:37)

More information: THE classic Twelfth Night release! The final gig with Geoff Mann in its entirety! Recorded over 2 nights at London's Marquee Club, and originally released in a reduced form on vinyl, this is the first time that the whole concert has been released.

Twelfth Night performed 15 pieces of music on both 4th and 5th November 1983. Only 6 of these were recorded to multi-track and mixed for the original vinyl album. However for this Definitive Edition the entire set has been reconstructed, in the actual running order, using the best available sources from those two nights.

Five of the songs are taken directly from the original release, with no further changes or enhancements: The Ceiling Speaks, We Are Sane, Fact and Fiction, The Poet Sniffs a Flower and Sequences.

The End of The Endless Majority has been remixed from the original 24-track master tapes. The actual recording comes from the afternoon soundcheck on 5 November, and was the same one included on the original album. The reason for this is that the band had realised that the noise/interference from the lights etc. was not going to allow an evening performance to be used.
Also present on the multi-track tape was a recording of Deep In The Heartland. This was also recorded live during the soundcheck on 5 November, and has been included as it is the best available recording of this track.

The encores were recorded directly onto 2-track tape by the Marquee team as a gift for the band. Three of these were included on the Cyclops CD reissue (Creepshow, East of Eden, and Love Song), and the remaining two (Art and Illusion and Aspidentropy) were edited together for the Geoff Mann CD Recorded Delivery, and later on the Voices in the Night release. These five songs have been newly remastered from the original 2-track tape, and are now released for the first time complete, and in the right order.

Both shows were recorded to video (VHS), and this source provides the audio for Human Being, Afghan Red and The Collector.

This is intended to be a definitive edition of what is perhaps Twelfth Night’s best-loved album: the best available source material has been used for each track, but as you will hear it’s not perfection … think of the flaws as ‘scratches in fine leather’… this album remains a prog classic!