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TRION - Funfair Fantasy

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TRION - Funfair Fantasy3rd brand new studio album the Dutch art.-symphonic-rock super group Trion
Format: CD / Cat No: OSKAR 1057 CD / Released: 01/07/2013

Track Listing: 1. Ampelmannchen (6:38) / 2. Gananoque (2:29) / 3. Scotland (11:30) / 4. In the distance (5:43) / 5. Wandering (2:16) / 6. Towers (4:19) / 7. Sealth (3:00) / 8. Meat prizes (4:56) / 9. Song for Canada (5:23) / 10.Secret Matter (7:05)

More information: The idea for this muscial project came from FLAMBOROUGH HEAD's keyboard player Edo Spanninga when he tested some recording equipment in order to record Seventies styled music as a fun-project. Eventually Edo was so excited about the results that he recruited other FLAMBOROUGH HEAD member Eddie Mulder (guitars and bass) and ODYSSICE drummer Menno Boomsma to make an album. The name TRION is a contraction of the words 'trio' and '(Mello)tron', simply because the band is a trio and because Edo only used Mellotron samples (flute, oboe, strings, organ, cello, vibe and choir) for his keyboard sound on this album. The trio had total freedom to exchange ideas and to work on the arrangements.

The music on TRION's albums is simply structured but it sounds very moving and is loaded with beautiful Mellotron samples. If you´re missing good instrumental music of the caliber of Camel´s The Snowgoose, this is the album you´re looking for. The highlight track is New Moon, that mixes early Genesis with a wonderful Camel-like guitar.