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TOWNSEND DEVIN - Transcendence (Limited 2 CD Deluxe Edition)

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TOWNSEND DEVIN - Transcendence (Limited 2 CD Deluxe Edition)New album for 2016 with a full bonus disc with 11 additional new tracks!
Format: CD / Cat No: 88985352902 / Released: 09/09/2016

Track Listing: CD 1: 01. Truth / 02. Stormbending / 03. Failure / 04. Secret Sciences / 05. Higher / 06. Stars / 07. Transcendence / 08. Offer Your Light / 09. From The Heart / 10. Transdermal Celebration / CD 2: 1. Gump / 2. Celestial Signals / 3. Support the Cause / 4. Into the Sun / 5. Time Overload / 6. Lexus / 7. Farther On / 8. Victim / 9. MonkeyMind / 10. Canucklehead / 11. Loud

More information: 2 CD Limited Edition version of the 'Transcendence' album including a full bonus disc with 11 additional new tracks.

Devin comments on the new album: "Transcendence, like every record I've done prior, is an extension of what's been going on in my world, represented in a new batch of songs. I'm 44 years old now, and this is where I have been over the past two years since Z2."

The follow-up to 2014's 'Z2' double-album (half of which was made up of the DTP full-length 'Sky Blue'), sees the Townsend exploring a relatively new way of working, collaborating with the entire DTP band during the writing stages of the record.

"The result of this process is a record that I truly think the intention of is special" he says of the album. "I 'found' gas to put into the tank and am glad I did. I think the intention, the theme, and the participation of everyone involved allows this album to act like a fulcrum between the past few years and what I intend to do next with the symphony. I am very proud of it and everyone involved."