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TIRILL - Tales From Tranquil August Gardens

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TIRILL - Tales From Tranquil August GardensRe-release of debut album by ex-White Willow member Tirill Mohn
Format: CD / Cat No: SONICCD004 / Released: 12/10/2018

Track Listing: 1. Nights are Colder / 2. Don't Dare to Love You / 3. Winter Roses / 4. June's Flowers / 5. Dressed in Beauty / 6. Heavy Heaves / 7. Vendela / 8. Golds of Morning / 9. It was Blue / 10. Ruby / 11. When You Sleep / Bonus tracks: 12. It Was Blue - instrumental / 13. Signs / 14. June's Flowers (Remix)

More information: Tirill Mohn is a Norwegian Singer-songwriter based in Asker, near Oslo. A multi-instrumentalist and is best known for her part in the formation of legendary Norwegian Progressive Rock band White Willow during the mid 1990s. Tirill played violin and classical guitar on the band's debut Ignius Fatuus released in 1995.

This release is part of a re-release of her three albums to date, which are being made available outside Scandinavia and parts of Western Europe for the first time.

Tales from Tranquil August Gardens was first released as A Dance with the Shadows on the small US indie label The Wild Places, sadly now long defunct following the death of label boss Michael Piper soon after the album was released. Tirill has given the album its originally plannedf title for this re-issue with bonus tracks, although both titles are apt. The album is an intense ride through various tones and colours, from the winter chill of opener "Nights are Colder" via the intense pain of album centerpiece "Vendela" to the happy, Mediterranean colours of "It Was Blue".

Guests include: Nils Einar Vinjor - guitars, Sylvia Erichsen - vocals, Ketil Vestrum Einarsen - flute, Sigrun Eng - cello

"…is a silent album, yet it’s so intense that you can close your eyes and easily imagine the artist sitting next to you – maybe at a hidden place in the August Gardens – and playing her breathtakingly beautiful songs. The first eight tunes undoubtedly embody the sound of “Norwegian melancholy”. All songs are created with deep love and with seldom carefulness, thus it makes little sense to explain that Tirill plays some kind of easeful folk music if you don’t add how she and her gorgeously talented guest musicians present her songs. It’s indeed shadowy music, but in those shadows the listener’s imagination might travel upon so far unknown pathways well worth to discover. I lack the right words to describe the much more than fascinating character of her music, yet I can only give you the advice to accept Tirill’s invitation for this intimate meeting…" Thor Wanzek