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TIGER MOTH TALES - A Song Of SpringNew 2022 studio album with guest Andy Latimer (Camel) on the closing track!
Format: CD / Cat No: TMRCD0322 / Released: 18/03/2022

Track Listing: 1. Spring Fever / 2. Forester / 3. Dance ‘Til Death / 4. Holi / 5. The Goddess And The Green Man / 6. Mad March Hare / 7. Rapa Nui / 8. Light

More information: New album from the band formed by Peter Jones, who is also keyboard player with Camel and Francis Dunnery's It Bites.

Peter Jones: "I'm cautiously excited about this album. Ha-ha. I think I've taken some interesting decisions (musically speaking), and the stories which inspired the writing process meant there was a lot to work with. I think this is a return to TMT form, which I hope the ‘mothingtons’ will enjoy."

"Even as far back as the writing stages of 'Cocoon', I already had the idea in mind to do the Four Seasons thing, which started off with 'The Depths of Winter' in 2017. A fair few things have happened since then, to say the least."

"I have a few albums in my head that I want to complete someday, but the time felt right to continue the Seasons saga. As with 'The Depths of Winter', I wanted to touch on both the lighter and darker sides, so it's not all about the joys of spring. There's some fairly grim stuff there to get your teeth in to."

"It was a real pleasure to work with John and Elizabeth Holden on this album. I can normally come up with a few good tunes, but lyrics can sometimes be illusive. So it was wonderful to have some collaboration on some of these new songs. Tracks such as 'Rapa Nui' and 'Light' have some fantastic lyrics in there. It was also amazing to get a contribution from the one and only Andy Latimer on the latter track. I'm very pleased with it all and I can't wait to see what people think of it."

The album is also available with an accompaniment CD 'Spring re-Loaded' which consists of extra tracks, instrumentals, alternate arrangements and some live recordings.