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TANGENT - Le Sacre Du Travail (The Rite Of Work) (Jewelcase)

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TANGENT - Le Sacre Du Travail (The Rite Of Work) (Jewelcase)Format: CD / Cat No: 506552 / Released: 11/08/2014

Track Listing: 1. 1st movement: Coming Up On The Hour (Overture) (05:55) / 2. 2nd movement: Morning Journey & The Arrival (22:54) / 3. 3rd movement: Afternoon Malaise (19:20) / 4. 4th movement: A Voyage Through Rush Hour (03:07) / 5. 5th movement: Evening TV (12:06) / Bonus tracks: 6. Muffled Ephiphany (04:05) / 7. Hat (Live at Mexborough School 1979) (01:16) / 8. EveningTV (Radio Edit) (04:28)

More information: Ten years on from the debut album "The Music That Died Alone" THE TANGENT will release their 7th Studio Album “Le Sacre Du Travail” for Insideout Music in the summer of 2013. Their new album is an electric symphonia by Andy Tillison.

Inspired by Igor Stravinsky's "The Rite Of Spring", Tillison's look at the world he lives in 2013 is as usual pertinent, attacking, wistful and sometimes outright funny. "I have never had any desire to sing about The Hobbit. I live in a semi-detached house, near a little supermarket and a Comprehensive School" he says, "and the things I want to write about have always taken place in this world, be they for good or for ill.

Celebrating 10 years at the heart of contemporary progressive rock music, The Tangent continues to be a floating lineup of musicians based around composer and keyboards player Andy Tillison. With a historical pedigree that has included members of Van Der Graaf Generator, Porcupine Tree, The Flower Kings and Big Big Train, the Tangent have had a slightly confusing career that may have held them back in global success terms, yet their albums have been omnipresent in end of year poll "top ten" results since their debut in 2003.

Always a "full on" prog band, the Tangent have never disguised their influences, never hidden them when unfashionable and have resolutely championed the form since day one. Writing challenging, frequently long, realistic pieces about the contemporary world with singing in a gruff Northern English accent is a trademark of the group, yet their sometimes punkish roots are shaped into massive soundscapes, complex melodic workouts and displays of sheer virtuosity.

2013 sees them releasing their most ambitious work to date, the 1 hour long Sinfonia in Five Movements "LE SACRE DU TRAVAIL". This large scale piece has the most humble of origins, a short punk rock song that Andy wrote in 1977, that has changed beyond all imagination into a huge orchestral/rock hybrid. Five movements take the listener through the traumas and frustrations of a working day in the contemporary western world. Traffic Jams, unfair bosses, mortgage payments, the humdrum of life are all observed with meticulous detail in the piece, held together by some of the most astonishing virtuoso playing from the band that you're likely to have heard in a long while.

The rhythm section alone takes some beating, the first ever collaboration between Porcupine Tree Drummer GAVIN HARRISON and Flower Kings bassist JONAS REINGOLD needs to be heard to be believed, add to that Steve Wilson Band/Soft Machine wind genius THEO TRAVIS, Fripp/Crimson associate JAKKO M JAKSZYK (vocals and guitar). Unwilling Keyboards Wizard ANDY TILLISON leads the band through his enormous imaginative composition with some of his best playing to date and Big Big Train's DAVID LONGDON expands the Tangent's sound into new areas with his "outside the box" harmony vocal arrangements

Andy Tillison (keyboards/vocals/guitar/bass)
Jakko M. Jakszyk (lead guitars/vocals)
Theo Travis (sax & flute)
Jonas Reingold (bass)
Gavin Harrison (drum)
David Longdon (vocals)