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TANGENT - Auto Reconnaissance (2 LP + CD)

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TANGENT - Auto Reconnaissance (2 LP + CD)2020’s Prog tour-de-force from The Tangent - Black vinyl edition in gatefold cover with CD.
Format: Album / Cat No: 19439776021 / Released: 21/08/2020

Track Listing: LP 1 - Side A: 1. Life On Hold (05:34) / 2. The Tower Of Babel (04:36) / 3. Under Your Spell (05:51)

LP 1 - Side B: 1. Jinxed In Jersey (15:59)

LP 2 - Side A: 1. Lie Back & Think Of England Part One (15:57)

LP 2 - Side B: 1. Lie Back & Think Of England Part Two (12:54) / 2. The Midas Touch (05:54)

CD: 1. Life On Hold (05:34) / 2. Jinxed In Jersey (15:59) / 3. Under Your Spell (05:51) / 4. The Tower Of Babel (04:36) / 5. Lie Back & Think Of England (28:24) / 6. The Midas Touch (05:54) / 7. Proxima (Bonus Track) (12:30)

More information: 2020 album laden with orchestration, instrumental dexterity, strong melodies and Andy Tillison's trademark story-telling at its best. The record is said to celebrate the “golden age of prog, while bringing it to the present and exploring new paths for the music to take in the future,” and will feature the sprawling 28-minute track Lie Back & Think Of England.

The Tangent leader Andy Tillison says: “I utterly refuse to accept that progressive rock music is some kind of museum piece. It is actually a living and breathing movement that has a past, a present and above all, a future.

“It once had an album chart-topping golden age, but the genre was never about that. It has subtly and virally kept itself alive for decades where many new musical genres have risen to glory and faded away.”

Tillison will be joined on Auto Reconnaissance by Luke Machin, Jonas Reingold, Theo Travis and Steve Roberts.

Limited edition CD in digipak (with bonus track).