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T - Anti-Matter Poetry

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T - Anti-Matter PoetryFormat: CD / Cat No: PRR810 / Released: 10/08/2010

Track Listing: 1. The Wasted Lands / 2. Hairdressers Symphony / 3. Phantom Pain Scars / 4. I Saved the World / 5. Rearview Mirrors Suite / 6. Antimatter Poetry

More information: German multi-instrumentalist, singer, producer and control freak "t", is back with his 3rd album. After fronting German progrock masterminds "Scythe" and 2 highly acclaimed solo albums, he took four years to write, perform, mix, produce and co-master "Anti-Matter Poetry", a 68 minute concept album. t, again, played all the instruments and sang all parts here. Art is a bitch, and so is literature - and music. they always present us worlds well out of reach - pipedream kingdoms of epic journeys, heroism, boundless yearning and lots of all the things we are, well, let's face it, not. Art is, insofar, simply destructive for your everyday middle class John Doe. It makes him long for things he neither really wants or needs: danger, uncertainty, lovesickness, bleeding hearts, je ne sais quoi. So, for our private universe, poetry is condensed destruction. It is antimatter. This album deals with the cliches that we retreat to when we celebrate unrest. When we crave for craving. When we swap the sun for a black hole. When we die a little to feel our lives again. This album is furious about the stupidity behind this. It is also helpless in avoiding it. It is a one-way street monologue. It is anti-matter poetry.