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RPWL - God Has Failed

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RPWL - God Has FailedFormat: CD / Released: 01/01/2000

Track Listing: 01. Hole in the Sky (8:22) / Part 1: Fly / Part 2: Crawl to You / 02. Who Do You Think We Are (4:15) / 03. Wait Five Years (3:00) / 04. What I Need - Part 1: leaving (1:56) / Part 2: What I Need (5:19) / 05. In Your Dreams (6:47) / 06. It's Alright (5:21) / 07. Crazy Lane (4:43) / 08. Fool (5:27) / 09. Hole in the Sky / Part 3: The Promise (2:39) / 10. Spring of Freedom (5:52) / 11. Farewell (5:50) / 12. God Has Failed (2:16)

More information: RPWL is named as an anagram of the last names of the members, Phil Paul Risettion, Chris Postl, Karlheinz Wallner, and Jurgen ‘Yogi’ Lang. Yogi, Chris and Karl were formerly members of a Pink Floyd tribute band, which should be obvious from the moment this CD starts. That echoey guitar, that lazy way of singing, all calls to mind some of the best Floyd tunes. On the opening cut, “Hole In the Sky,” they even use “set my controls for the heart of the sun” as a lyric. As “Hole In the Sky” fades, we are treated with a very cool repeating riff as we lead into “Who Do You Think We Are.” Some differences from the Floyd sound become more evident here, as they use perhaps a more traditional style of harmonies with their voices than the usual Pink Floyd sound. If you are a fan of post-Parsons Pink Floyd, Porcupine Tree, Pineapple Thief, or any of the wonderful new bands coming out that have their roots in the Space/Psychedelic Progressive Rock camp… You will love this.