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RIIS BJORN - Lullabies In A Car Crash

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RIIS BJORN - Lullabies In A Car CrashDebut album from Airbag lead guitarist and main song writer Bjorn Riis
Format: CD / Cat No: KAR085CD / Released: 01/09/2015

Track Listing: 1. A New Day / 2. Stay Calm / 3. Disappear / 4. Out Of Reach / 5. The Chase / 6. Lullaby In A Car Crash

More information: Debut solo album from the lead guitarist and main song writer of the highly successful Norwegian band Airbag. The album is very much a personal statement, with lyrics dealing with fear of abandonment, alienation and loss. It’s also homage to many of Bjorn’s musical influences.

"Lullabies in a Car Crash" feature six songs with a coherent and thematical composition. Bjorn’s soulful guitar playing and low-key vocals creates a rich listening experience. Although Bjorn as a guitarist has developed his own sound with a unique tone and his own technique over the years, the playing and tone are reminiscent of David Gilmour, Steven Rothery and Steven Wilson. As a singer this is the first time he takes the lead, normally doing the backing vocals in Airbag.

"Lullabies in a Car Crash" also features Airbag’s Henrik Fossum on drums and Asle Tostrup providing loops and effects. Long-time Airbag collaborator Vegard Sleipnes has co-produced the album together with Bjorn. The album is mastered by Jamie Gomez (Orgone Studio).

In addition to playing with Airbag, Bjorn is a highly respected guitarist within the guitar community, where he has a huge fan base. His guitar page “” has more than 40 million hits in total and an average of 150,000 hits every week.