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REED ROB - The Ringmaster - Part Two (Sanctuary IIII) (Special: 2 CD + DVD)

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REED ROB - The Ringmaster - Part Two (Sanctuary IIII) (Special: 2 CD + DVD)Part 2 of follow-up to the successful Sanctuary series, including Simon Phillips & Troy Donockley
Format: CD / Cat No: TMRCD1022 / Released: 04/02/2022

Track Listing: CD 1: 1. Song of Healing Light / 2. Swan Feathered Girl / 3. The Hat / 4. The Talking Ducks / 5. Sendlinger’s Song / 6. Arthur / 7. Forever / 8. Dancing Master / 9. Landmarks / 10. In Sight Of Home / 11. The Last Guardians Of Everywhere / 12. Song Of Waiting Dreams

CD 2: Bonus Tracks: 1. Swan Feathered Girl (remix) / 2. The Ringmaster (orchestral) / 3. Nairn’s Jig / 4. The Ringmaster Part Two - Tom Newman mix (tracks 1-5) / 5. The Ringmaster Part Two - Tom Newman mix (tracks 6-12)

DVD: The complete album mixed in dts and dolby digital 5.1 surround

More information: ‘The Ringmaster Part Two’ completes the Ringmaster story that was started in October 2021 by the release of ‘The Ringmaster - Part One’.

The Ringmaster albums are the next instalment of Robert Reed’s successful 'Sanctuary' series, and once more, Rob has collaborated with Tubular Bells producer Tom Newman and multi-instrumentalist Les Penning on the album, along with drummer Simon Phillips and multi-instrumentalist Troy Donockley.

Robert Reed: "Having over 100 mins of music for these albums, I’m glad that I decided to release them in two parts. I thought it essential for the listener to have adequate time to digest part one, which is a lot to take in, and then have the anticipation for part two without having to wait years for a follow-up. I really thought it important for the tracks to have their own titles and identities this time, rather than having say Sanctuary IV Part 2 which would eventually get confusing. I had some messages from people who weren’t aware that 'The Ringmaster' was the next instalment in the Sanctuary series, but I’m pretty sure they’re clued into it now."

The Ringmaster concept is about an artistic muse who sits on our shoulder playing with us. Some days he gives everything and makes music flow from us. Other days, he can be cruel and spiteful, giving us no new music or creativity.

Featuring: Simon Phillips (Drums) / Les Penning (Narration/Recorders) / Synergy Vocals / Troy Donockley (Pipes) / Angharad Brinn (Lead Vocal)

Produced by Tom Newman and Robert Reed.