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REED ROB - Sanctuary 3 (Limited Edition 2 CD + DVD)

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REED ROB - Sanctuary 3 (Limited Edition 2 CD + DVD)Follow up to the acclaimed Sanctuary I and II albums - available as a limited Edition 3 disc set
Format: CD / Cat No: TMRCD0418 / Released: 23/04/2018

Track Listing: CD 1: 1.Sanctuary III Part 1 / 2.Sanctuary III Part 2 / CD 2: 1.The Moonsinger Suite (Chimpan A Remix) (22mins) / 2.Troy’s Lament / 3.Perpetual Motion / 4. El Paso / 5.Moonsinger Rising / 6.Sanctuary III Part 1 (Tom Newman Mix) / 7.Sanctuary III Part 2 (Tom Newman Mix) / DVD: 1. Sanctuary III Part 1 / 2.Sanctuary III Part 2 (5.1 DTS Surround Mixes) / Extras: Track By Track Video / Demonstration Video / Promo Videos

More information: Multi-instrumentalist and composer Robert Reed (Magenta / Kompendium / Kiama / Chimpan A) announces the release of Sanctuary III on April 20th, the follow up to the acclaimed Sanctuary I and II albums. Robert produced, mixed and engineered the album, and plays most of the instruments himself, with the help of legendary drummer Simon Phillips (Toto/Mike Oldfield), recorder player Les Penning and "Tubular Bells" producers Tom Newman and Simon Heyworth.

Robert talks about the continued evolution of his own style during the production of the new album:

“I think Sanctuary III shows that my writing has really moved on from the first two albums. I composed it without any pre conceived musical barriers so nothing was off limits. As a result, it's much more “me”. People will spot a lot of influences, but on Sanctuary III they are taken from a much broader musical spectrum.

The Sanctuary albums have always been about long-form musical compositions that carry you on a emotional journey, using real instruments that are hand-played. As there are no lyrics, it's emotional impact has to be carried by allowing the melodies and instrumentation to sing and to speak. I really wanted the album to be as colourful and dynamic as possible.

I cannot thank Tom Newman enough - he has been a true musical mentor and his influence really can be felt on Sanctuary III. The sonic dynamics are really exciting and when it came to the mixing and mastering of the album, I really fought to keep those dynamics as extreme as possible. In that respect it feels a lot more like a classical recording than what you would normally find in rock music."

The album is available in a 3 disc set. CD 1 contains the album as mixed by Robert. CD 2 contains a series of wonderful remixes of sections of the album, plus Tom Newman's mixes of the main album. The third disc is a DVD containing Rob's 5.1 mixes of the album, plus a selection of videos giving an insight into how the album was created.