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REED ROB - CURSUS 123 430 (Limited Special Edition: CD+DVD+Signed Book+Bonus CD)

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REED ROB - CURSUS 123 430 (Limited Special Edition: CD+DVD+Signed Book+Bonus CD)Inspiration from Jarre & Tangerine Dream on new release! Narration by Les Penning.
Format: CD / Cat No: TMRSE1120-2 / Released: 14/11/2020

Track Listing: CD: 1. Erthynge / 2. The Hawk And The Harbinger Of Dawn / 3. Stoneborn Watchers / 4. The Man Of Sight And Feathers / 5. Witness / 6. Stoneglow Warnings / 7. Stalemate / 8. Dust And Flowers In A Lost Eden / 9. Gatherings At Farewell Places / 10. Erthsheelde: i. Exodus / ii. The Odyssey Of Souls / iii. Erthynge

Bonus CD: Cursus - A Symphonic Poem: 1. Cursus (A Symphonic Poem) / 2. Stoneglow Warnings (Sanctuary Remix) / 3 .Man Of Sight And Feathers (Single Remix) / 4. Stalemate (Single Remix) / 5. Witness (Piano Demo) / 6. Man Of Sight And Feathers (Piano Demo)

More information: Limited Special Edition which includes the CD+DVD (including 5.1 Surround Mix), the Companion Book signed by Rob Reed, and the very limited 'Cursus - A Symphonic Poem' bonus CD.

CURSUS 123 430 is the new solo abum from Magenta mainman Rob Reed.

"I‘ve been working hard finishing my new Sanctuary IV album, but I needed a break to clean the musical palate, so I really felt the need to do something completely different," he explains. "At the age of eight, I received two albums for Christmas: The Sound of Music and Tubular Bells. The later album helped define my musical path. But that same Christmas, my brother received Jean-Michel Jarre’s Oxygene, which I soon borrowed and played to death.

"Over the years, and especially of late, I’ve realised how much I have also been impacted by electronic music; from Jarre to Vangelis, from Ultravox to Depeche Mode, and from John Carpenter to Tangerine Dream. So I went out and bought a collection of old analogue synthesisers and this is the album that resulted, which I hope is one that captures the emotion and warmth."

Cursus 123 430 is a concept album, written by Reed‘s sometime collaborator Les Penning, who has also acted as narrator. Reed has also commissioned acclaimed artists Matt Rooke and Peter Rogers to construct a graphic novel as the ultimate companion to the music. His stunning artwork, along with a detailed novella, is displayed in the full-colour 24 Page Cursus 11 x 6 inch Companion Book, available only as part of this Limited Special Edition.