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RAIN - Singularity (2 LP - Limited PURPLE SPLATTER)

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RAIN - Singularity (2 LP - Limited PURPLE SPLATTER)RELEASE DATE TBC - Debut album from Rain featuring John Jowitt and Andy Edwards (ex IQ and Frost)
Format: Album / Cat No: GEPV70013 / Released: 19/03/2021

More information: John Jowitt: Its been about ten years since I played with Andy, in both IQ and Frost - its a really instinctual rhythm section. With Rain, Andy has had the chance to show what an all-round musician he is. Rob and Mirron are both amazing musicians, songwriters and singers, and its just a great combination. Im really pleased that our old friends at GEP have shown faith in the band - its one of those albums that I would have bought if Id not been on it. Its prog, Jim, but not as we know it.

Andy Edwards: Rain isn't a project, it's a band and we want to make more and more music. This is the dream team as far as I am concerned - everyone is very talented but in different areas and so the whole is greater than the parts. This album has been one of the easiest albums I have ever made, everyone loves what everyone else does, it's been a joy having all these ideas come in!

Line-up is: Rob Groucutt - Vocals, Keys, Guitar / Andy Edwards Drums / John Jowitt Vocals, Bass / Mirron Vocals, Guitar.
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