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PRESTO BALLET - The Days Between

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PRESTO BALLET - The Days BetweenSixth studio album from Seattle’s prog-rockers Presto Ballet
Format: CD / Cat No: 603085 / Released: 14/12/2018

Track Listing: 1. Out of Mind (It's Outta Sight) (6:29) / 2. Earthbound (3:57) / 3. Tip of the Hat (5:47) / 4. I Just Drive (6:22) / 5. Hard Times for Dreamers (7:30) / 6. I Am Wire (10:09) / Bonus track: 7. The Man with the Plastic Face (7:00)

More information: This is the sixth studio album from Seattle’s prog-rockers Presto Ballet. Founded by Metal Church guitarist Kurdt Vanderhoof in 2005, Presto Ballet combines the melodic and harmonic old school aspects with the neo progressive rock sound of today. While their sound is often compared to the early works of Kansas, Rush, and Yes, Presto Ballet still maintains its own identity.

In regards to the musical direction of “The Days Between”, guitarist Kurdt Vanderhoof comments, “This new album is a mixed bag of musical influences, ranging from the 60's to the 70's but done in a modern context. The songs are a little more focused on melody, hooks and song structure, it's definitely more on the melodic rock side and it has all the elements of the things that this band loves most about music!”

Line-up: Chuck Campbell - vocals / Kurdt Vanderhoof - guitars, producer / Kerry Shacklett - keyboards / Bobby Ferkovich - bass / Charlie Lorme - drums