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POOR GENETIC MATERIAL - Island Noises (2 CD)Format: CD / Cat No: PRR305 / Released: 08/02/2011

Track Listing: CD 1: 1. Roarers / 2. A Dance So Strange / 3. Brave New World / 4. Let Them Beware / 5. Caliban's Dream / 6. Island Noises / CD 2: 1. Banquet of Illusions / 2. Assassins and Sleepers / 3. In a State of Grace / 4. Fountain of Innocence / 5. Sycorax / 6. Ariel / 7. Drowning the Book / 8. Dreamstuff

More information: Poor Genetic Material was founded by Stefan Glomb (guitar) and Philipp Jaehne (keyboards) as an experimental project mainly working on soundtrack material. When they met German art rock band Alias Eye in late 2000, opportunity was there to work on more song-oriented material. Singer Philip Griffiths (son of the legendary Beggars Opera singer Martin Griffiths) joined the original duo to work and record together. During the last few years Poor Genetic Material have made a name for themselves in the prog- and artrock scene. The seasons series, a long term project covering four albums (Summerland, Leap into Fall, Winter’s Edge and Spring Tidings), generated a lot of interest for the band. Island Noises is a double concept album based on The tempest by William Shakespeare. Yet, the album does not try to re-tell the but rather explores certain ideas, atmospheres and characters plot of the original play and so becomes a work in its own right. “Why Shakespeare?” “Why The Tempest?” you may ask. Well, there’s a sorcerer, a spirit of the air, a monstrous creature, there is romance and attempted murder, it’s about the stuff that dreams are made on ... sounds like a prog-concept album? – Exactly!

Line up:
Philip Griffiths – Vocals
Stefan Glomb – Guitars
Philipp Jaehne – Keyboards
Dennis Sturm – Bass
Dominik Steinbacher – Drums
Martin Griffiths – Recitation
Pia Darmstaedter - Flute