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PHIDEAUX - Infernal (2 CD)

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PHIDEAUX - Infernal (2 CD)Highly anticipated new album - the final part of the The Great Leap / Doomsday Afternoon trilogy!
Format: CD / Released: 21/09/2018

Track Listing: CD 1 01. Cast Out And Cold (5:32) / 02. The Error Lives On (7:14) / 03. Crumble (0:55) / 04. Inquisitor (8:22) / 05. We Only Have Eyes For You (4:00) / 06. Sourdome (1:30) / 07. The Walker (4:39) / 08. Wake The Sleeper (1:29) / 09. C99 (3:24) / 10. Tumbleweed (4:59)

CD 2: 01. The Order of Protection (one) (4:35) / 02. Metro Deathfire (4:57) / 03. Transit (1:13) / 04. In Dissonance We Play (2:48) / 05. The Sleepers Wake (5:22) / 06. The Order Of Protection (Two) (4:34) / 07. From Hydrogen To Love (14:03) / 08. Eternal (5:46) / 09. Endgame An End (3:29)

More information: US based artist Phideaux Xavier makes his longawaited return from a seven year hiatus with Infernal. The much anticipated release is a double album of fear, terror, and perhaps a ray of hope.

Infernal is the final installment of Phideaux’s trilogy of albums that began in 2006 with The Great Leap. The second installment, Doomsday Afternoon, was a bombastic and complex opus, utilising a 12 piece section of the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra among a bevy of other musicians, old and new. Released in 2007, Doomsday garnered the attention of the progressive rock communities in the US and Europe. The many accolades and increasing interest led to invitations for Phideaux to play various festivals, such as RoS Fest (US), Summer’s End (UK), Crescendo (France), and Terra Incognita (Canada).

While Phideaux has released other albums since Doomsday Afternoon (Number Seven, Snowtorch), Infernal returns to the stunning artwork and musical DNA from which the first two albums in the trilogy were created. The singular "eco terror tale" continues with Infernal. Cryptic, melodic, mysterious and frightening, this new release is all one might hope to find within Phideaux’s new double creation. Infernal is "the end we saw begin”. At last.