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PALLAS - The Messenger (Limited Edition Digibook)

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PALLAS - The Messenger (Limited Edition Digibook)Stunning new CD by 80's Prog legends, now reunited with Alan Reed
Format: CD / Cat No: 760625690108 / Released: 15/12/2023

Track Listing: 1. Sign of the Times (9:18) / 2. The Great Attractor (4:16) / 3. Fever Pitch (8:11) / 4. Heavy Air (7:01) / 5. The Nine (8:43) / 6. The Messenger (13:04)

More information: Forty years ago a band from Aberdeen recorded, not one, but two of the seminal rock albums of the 80s.

Now the classic Pallas line-up returns with ‘The Messenger’, an album which takes the preoccupations of that earlier age, and brings them right up to date. Where ‘The Sentinel’ echoed the concerns of the cold war and the shadows it cast on all of us, ‘The Messenger’ finds the band reacting to the existential threats to the world we find ourselves in. From what we’ve done to the world, to the politics that shape it.

Capturing the bleakness that many of us feel at how the world continues to turn, it nevertheless contains hope. A light in darkness, that all may not be lost. There is no outside help. No Sentinel to save us. This time the solution lives within us all.

This is an album which repays countless listens. With ‘The Messenger’, Pallas have created a rich musical tapestry which weaves back and forth from environmental concerns to a cold war grown hot once again. And the seeming inability of our leaders to do anything but pour fuel on the flames.

Line-up: Alan Reed (lead & backing vocals) / Niall Mathewson (guitars, percussion programming, vocals) / Graeme Murray (bass, Taurus bass pedals, 12-string guitar, vocals) / Ronnie Brown (keyboards, percussion programming, vocals)

This is the lavishly illustrated 36 page (including cover) special limited edition version of the album, featuring a hardback cover with exclusive artwork and full lyrics.