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OPETH - In Cauda Venenum (Extended Edition) (3 CD Digipak)

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OPETH - In Cauda Venenum (Extended Edition) (3 CD Digipak)Extended edition featuring 3 previously unreleased songs!
Format: CD / Cat No: 4251981701608 / Released: 13/05/2022

Track Listing: CD 1 (Swedish Version): 1. Livets Trädgård / 2. Svekets Prins / 3. Hjärtat Vet Vad Handen Gör / 4. De Närmast Sörjande / 5. Minnets Yta / 6. Charlatan / 7. Ingen Sanning Är Allas / 8. Banemannen / 9. Kontinuerlig Drift / 10. Allting Tar Slut

CD 2 (English Version): 1. Garden Of Earthly Delights / 2. Dignity / 3. Heart In Hand / 4. Next Of Kin / 5. Lovelorn Crime / 6. Charlatan / 7. Universal Truth / 8. The Garroter / 9. Continuum / 10. All Things Will Pass

CD 3 (English & Swedish Version): 1. The Mob / 2. Width of a Circle / 3. Freedom & Tyranny / 4. Pöbeln / 5. Cirkelns Riktning / 6. Frihet & Tyranni

More information: This digipak contains the Swedish and English versions of OPETH’s legendary latest album “In Cauda Venenum” with new illustrations by internationally renowned Travis Smith in the booklet. In addition, there is also a third CD including 3 previously unreleased bonus tracks, both in English and Swedish: “Pöbeln” / “The Mob”, “Cirkelns Riktning” / “Width of a Circle” as well as “Frihet & Tyranni” / “Freedom & Tyranny”.

“In Cauda Venenum” was written surreptitiously by Åkerfeldt when he was scheduled for sabbatical after the “Sorceress” record cycle. Tired of Gantt charts, milestones, and other Project Management Office essentials presented by management, he told his handlers it was high time for break from Opeth and its many and varied responsibilities. They complied. Almost immediately, however, Åkerfeldt was holed up in his studio, Junkmail, writing music by himself without pressure or influence. Ultimately, the Opeth songman wanted a return to the old days - think “Orchid” through “Blackwater Park”—when writing music was a creative endeavor not a factor in the business equation of being in a full-time, internationally recognized band. Described as more fun than spadework, the writing sessions were eventually exposed to the rest of the band and management. They were into Åkerfeldt’s newest creations but before anyone had a word in edgewise, “In Cauda Venenum” was, more or less, in the proverbial bag. The only thing that remained the same was Åkerfeldt writing and performing in his aging studio.