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NOLAN CLIVE - Song Of The Wildlands

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NOLAN CLIVE - Song Of The WildlandsRecorded during the 2020 pandemic and features vocalists and instrumentalists from the UK and Norway
Format: CD / Cat No: CR200030CD / Released: 10/09/2021

Track Listing: 1. The Story Begins (3:05) / 2. There's a Threat (4:53) / 3. Crossing the Ocean (4:28) / 4. Beowulf's Promise (3:23) / 5. Grendel Attacks (4:21) / 6. Celebration (2:14) / 7. The Hag's Revenge (2:49) / 8. Journey (3:17) / 9. Underwater Cavern (3:50) / 10. Rewards (6:07) / 11. Beowulf, the King (4:00) / 12. Dragon Fire (4:58) / 13. The Warrior Dies (2:42) / 14. Funeral Pyre (5:15) / 15. The Story Ends (1:38)

More information: Clive Nolan has been a regular keyboard player in bands such as Pendragon, Arena, Shadowland, Strangers on a Train and Caamora. He is the lyricist and composer of numerous rock albums and musicals, including the Arena catalogue, a monumental rock opera "She" and two Victorian inspired Steampunk musicals, "Alchemy" and "King's Ransom".

‘Song of the Wildlands’ by Clive Nolan's is a secular oratorio with elements of rock, progressive rock, folk and classical music. The story is based on one of the oldest English poems "Beowulf", which is an account of life and heroic deeds by the mighty warrior protecting the land from the vicious monsters.

The album was recorded during the 2020 pandemic and features vocalists and instrumentalists from the UK and Norway playing a variety of rock and Nordic folk instruments, as well as a 200-voice choir recorded distantly by singers from all over the world singing in Old English (Anglo-Saxon). ‘Song of the Wildlands’ is the biggest music venture from Clive Nolan so far.

Clive Nolan: “I love a good story, and this is a great one! Demons, dragons, heroes, battles, weapons, treasures, journeys and quests… Who could not be drawn into such a world? This album gave me the opportunity to find my own interpretation of Viking music and this, in turn, provided a fitting landscape upon which to lay this wonderful saga. This is an epic story and I hope this is an epic album!”

Line-up: Clive Nolan - keyboards, orchestration & programming

Guests: Vicki Swan - nyckelharpa / Mark Westwood (Shadowland, Caamora) - electric guitar / Stig Andre Clason - acoustic guitar / Arnfinn Isaksen - bass / Scott Higham - drums, percussion / Geir Johansen - percussion / Birgitte Njå - lur / Morten Clason - flute / Ross Andrews - narrator / Ryan Morgan - vocals (Beowulf) / Christina Booth - vocals (Tyra) / Gemma Ashley - vocals (Solveig) / Natalie Barnett - vocals (Freja) / Ensemble Anonym - plainchant / The "Wildland Warriors Choir" - choir