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NEKTAR - Sounds Like This (2 CD Remastered & Expanded Edition)

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NEKTAR - Sounds Like This (2 CD Remastered & Expanded Edition)Newly remastered and expanded edition of the classic 1973 album ‘Sounds Like This’ by Nektar.
Format: CD / Cat No: ECLEC22796 / Released: 02/05/2022

Track Listing: CD 1: Sounds Like This (Remastered): 1. Good Day (6:43) / 2. New Day Dawning (5:01) / 3. What Ya Gonna Do? (5:24) / 4. 1-2-3-4 (12:43) / 5. Do You Believe in Magic? (7:15) / 6. Cast Your Fate (5:44) / 7. A Day in the Life of a Preacher (12:55): i. Preacher / ii. Squeeze / iii. Mr H / 8. Wings (3:45) / 9. Odyssey (14:26): i. Ron's On / ii. Never Never Never

CD 2: Sounds Like This Session Recordings (October 1972 & February 1973): 1. Good Day (October 1972) / 2. New Day Dawning (October 1972) / 3. Sunshine Down On The City (October 1972) / 4. Da Da Dum (February 1973) / 5. What Ya Gonna Do? (October 1972) / 6. It’s All In Your Mind (October 1972) / 7. Cast Your Fate Jam (October 1972) / 8. Wings (February 1973)

More information: This quartet of British musicians came together as Nektar in Hamburg, Germany in 1969. Roye Albrighton (guitar, vocals), Derek “Mo” Moore (bass, vocals), Allan “Taff” Freeman (keyboards) and Ron Howden (drums) first gained recognition in Germany with their imaginative Progressive/Space Rock sound and their highly impressive stage shows featuring lights by Mick Brockett and Keith Walters (who were also listed as band members).

Signing to the Bacillus label in 1971, Nektar achieved German success with the albums ‘Journey To The Centre Of The Eye’ and ‘A Tab In The Ocean’, and also gained a cult following in Britain and the USA where their albums were originally only available as imports.

It was with their 1973 double album ‘Sounds Like This’, that Nektar saw their first album release in the UK (on the United Artists label). Later hailed by Elton John as “an extraordinary album”, the record was recorded live in the studio as a means of committing to tape material that had been in Nektar’s stage repertoire for some time. In two sessions in October 1972 and February 1973 at Dierks’ Studios in Stommeln, Germany, a fine and powerful double album was created featuring such Nektar classics as ‘Good Day’, ‘New Day Dawning’, ‘Wings’, ‘A Day In The Life Of A Preacher’ and ‘Cast Your Fate’.

Unavailable officially for some years, this edition is most welcome and has been newly remastered and expanded to include an additional CD featuring over 70 minutes of alternate versions and live material. The digipak set restores the original album artwork and features an illustrated booklet with essay and recollections from band members.