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MANNING - The Root, The Leaf & The Bone

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MANNING - The Root, The Leaf & The BoneExcellent new CD from Manning!
Format: CD / Cat No: 201310 / Released: 07/10/2013

Track Listing: 1. The Root, The Leaf & The Bone / 2. Decon(struction) Blues / 3. Autumn Song / 4. The Forge / 5. Old School / 6. Palace Of Delights / 7. The Huntsman & The Poacher / 8. Mists Of Morning Calling To The Day / 9. Amongst The Sleepers

More information: The excellent new release by Manning! With 9 new tracks, this marks the return of the full electric band after the wonderful Akoustik in 2012.

Guy Manning: "In late 2012, I toyed with an idea about a faded village, lost beneath the march of progress, expansion, modernisation changes in perception/values & building work. I started creating pieces based around these themes. However, I quickly realised that this was far too constricting a ‘concept’ as I had ideas for other pieces which did not neatly fit into this container. All the pieces did however seem to fit into a more general set of considerations about the nature of change…be it through progress, attitudes, sociological upheaval, natural cycles/states, nostalgia or simply viewed as fantasy.

“The Root, the Leaf & the Bone”, “The Forge”, “Palace of Delights”, “Old School”, “Mists of Morning Calling to the Day”, “The Huntsman & the Poacher” & “Decon(struction) Blues” all hark back to the original ‘village’ idea. The title, opening piece is really the key to the album and sets the scene - Beneath the surface of things are remnants of what once was; be it good or bad, they lie there waiting to be discovered. Things have changed, moved on, but like in ‘Time Capsule’ mentality, we are curious about the Past.

“Decon(struction) Blues” (…well I thought it was a funny play on words...) is my own take on Joni’s “Big Yellow Taxi”. So, think about what you are giving up a while before tearing things down! “Autumn Song” is a look at the passing of the Seasons & our own lives measured in Time & the surrounding natural World. “The Forge” muses very romantically about the loss of craftsmanship/individualism in favour of mass production. “Old School” ‘borrows’ heavily from the film “IF”. It follows the idyllic fantasies of a lone boy stuck in a terrible old fashioned strict boarding school dreaming of over-throwing the masters & getting even (even if just for a while!). “Palace of Delights” opens the door to a mythical shop (& every old remote village has one of these) where once inside, flooded memories / artifacts from your youth are still adorning the walls, be it old collector bubblegum cards, commemorative mugs from the Queen’s Jubilee, Old model aircraft kits, stamp sets (well out of date) etc. Time has stopped in this place & for a while you can relive your childhood on every shelf & wall. Everyone has their own ‘Palace’ however; each is totally relevant to them alone! “The Huntsman & the Poacher”. A tale of karma… The Poacher goes after the deer & the Huntsman goes after the Poacher! “Mists of Morning Calling to the Day” is a simple narrative ‘ghost story! The past deeds of the ‘village’ comes back to literally haunt them! “Amongst the Sleepers” , the album closer is a piece reflecting on those we have known in our lives whilst walking through the most quiet & peaceful of graveyards.

I hope you will enjoy it!"