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MANGALA VALLIS - Voices4th album from superb Italian melodic Prog band.
Format: CD / Cat No: MRC083 / Released: 01/03/2020

Track Listing: 1. The Center of Life (4:45) / 2. No Reason (6:47) / 3. Get It While You Can (6:19) / 4. The Voice Inside (6:05) / 5. An End To An End (6:34) / 6. Demon (7:21) / 7. Sour (4:53)

More information: In 2018 the band started to work on their 4th studio album called 'Voices'. Released in March 2020, with a slighly more commercial feel, but still retaining many of the Prog elements from their previous three albums.

Line-up: Roberto Tiranti - Vocals / Gigi Cavalli Cocchi - Drums and Percussion / Mirco Consolini - Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Bass, Backing Vocals / Niky Milazzo - Electric Guitars / Gianfranco Fornaciari - Keyboards, Backing Vocals

Mangala Vallis is an Italian rock band formed in 1998 thanks to an idea of Gigi Cavalli Cocchi (drums and percussion), Mirco Consolini (guitar and bass) and Enzo Cattini (keyboards). The band's name is a canyon on Mars, which appears in the novel Sphere by Micheal Crichton.

Their main genre is progressive rock, influenced by other kinds of music coming from the background of the musicians' past artistic experiences. Major elements of their production are the care and the quest of the best sounds and nuances.

On February 8th 2002 their first CD was published, 'The Book of Dreams', a concept album inspired by the fantastic adventures created by the great French writer Jules Verne, special guest is Bernardo Lanzetti (former vocalist of Acqua Fragile and PFM).

During the next two years Mangala Vallis played in major prog rock festivals in Belgium, Germany and Holland.

'Lycanthrope' was the band's second album, released in November of 2005, with Bernardo Lanzetti officially the band's vocalist, and writer of the lyrics. David Jackson, ex saxophone player with Van Der Graaf Generator, is the special guest of this new concept album inspired by the modern human being, who is confused and struggling between the modern society's constraints and his own instinctive nature.

The third album came out in 2012, called 'Microsolco', a new concept album, virtually a follow up of the former album. On this CD songs about the fast pace of modern times and the idea of returning to a quieter and more natural dimension are the main elements of the story. It talks about what happens on 21st December 2012, and the theory that that would be humanity's last day. In Microsolco there is 'the end of a certain kind of world' when a hacker, on that exact day, infects the whole internet with a virus capable of destroying all the digital memories of the planet. This act will force everybody into thinking deeply about life and lost values, and make people retrieve ways of life lost in time. Basically a reconciliation between Mankind and Mother Earth.