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MAGORIA - Hollingsworth Mansion

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MAGORIA - Hollingsworth MansionEpic second album from Mark Bogert (Knight Area) project. Great guitar - one for Ayreon lovers!
Format: CD / Cat No: BUR340102 / Released: 05/07/2024

Track Listing: 1. The Haunted House / 2. New Estate / 3. Don t Open The Gate / 4. Diamond In The Dark / 5. The Secret Of This Village / 6. What Do They Want From Me / 7. The House Of No One At All / 8. Enter The Twilight World / 9. I Can't Restrain Her Anymore / 10. When Our Time Will Come / 11. Leave Us / 12. The Time Has Come / 13. From Dusk Till Dawn / 14. Die For The Love Of Your Life / 15. Postludium

More information: On December 11th, 1808, a fire erupts in the enormous mansion of the Hollingsworth family. Both Jefferso and his wife Lavinia do not survive the fire. Neither does the mother of Jefferso, Elizabeth Hollingsworth, who had been living with them for a long time. Jefferso and Lavinia longed to have children, but that wish was never fulfilled. Well over a century later, 1931, the Wellbourne family move into the newly renovated mansion together with their daughter Joanne. Joanne unconsciously manages to open the gate to the twilight world where the Hollingsworth family waits to fulfill their long-cherished desire to have children. the original inhabitants, the Hollingsworth family, regain control over the mansion? Is Howard Welbourne able to suppress his love for Livinia Hollingsworth, or is he going to leave his wife behind, and move into the twilight world together with his daughter Joanne?

There is only one way to do this. Through contrasting musical flavours, lush melodies, and from bombastic to subtle, Magoria brings you the dark and mysterious stories in a absolutely spectacular way. Welcome to 'Hollingsworth Mansion'.

CAST: Maria Catharina - Lavinia Eden-Hollingsworth / Rodney Blaze - Jefferso Hollingsworth / Nadine Pruim - Dolores Welbourne / Jan Willem Ketelaers - Howard Welbourne / Demi Oosterwaal - Joanne Welbourne / Edward Reekers - William Harris / Inge Rijnja - Selina Blackaby / Cindy Oudshoorn - Elizabet Hollingsworth

BAND: Mark Bogert - Guitar / Remy Hansen Guitar / Koen Stam Synth / Cleem Determeijer - Piano / Luuk van Gerven Bass / Harmen Kieboom Drums / Matthijs Kieboom - Orchestral arrangements