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MAGENTA - The White Witch - A Symphonic Trilogy

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MAGENTA - The White Witch - A Symphonic TrilogyLong awaited 9th studio album sees a major change in direction - a fully orchestrated work!
Format: CD / Cat No: TMRCD0922 / Released: 24/10/2022

Track Listing: Part I: Sacrifice / Part II: Retribution / Part III: Survival

More information: Magenta's brand new, and long awaited, 9th studio album sees a major change in direction from past works. A fully orchestrated work, arranged by Robert Reed, featuring the vocals of Christina and classical guitar of Chris Fry.

While composers like Hans Zimmer, John Williams and Howard Shore are at the forefront of modern day orchestral film music scores, Robert Reed succeeds in producing, arranging and adapting Magenta's unique sound so that he stands alongside some of the greatest composers of the modern era.

Musically and thematically the album completes the trilogy of songs that started back with the epic track 'The White Witch' from the debut Magenta album 'Revolutions'. This was followed on the album 'Seven' with the track 'Lust'. The new album completely reworks these two tracks and has a majestic third track that completes this major work.

Robert Reed: "Iíve always loved the idea and challenge of doing a fully orchestrated album. Composers like John Barry, John Williams and Ennio Morricone have been massive influences on my work, and it was great to be able to bring shades of their influence into this album. Magentaís music has always had symphonic overtones, and this was an opportunity to blend Tinaís voice and Chris Fryís classical guitar training with my orchestral arrangements. It was a great challenge to get a sense of groove and dynamics using orchestral instruments only, but itís been a great learning curve to understand this style of music. Iím really proud of the results."

Christina: "For a long time Iíve had an ambition to sing with a full orchestra, and when Rob suggested this I was over the moon. Hearing all these instruments in the headphones and be able to sing in amongst them was an amazing experience."

Line-up: Christina Booth (vocals) / Chris Fry (classical guitar) / Les Penning - storyteller / Featured soloists: Katie Axelsen (flute) / Sam Baxster (oboe)

Orchestral arrangement, produced & mixed by Robert Reed. Music written by Robert Reed. Lyrics and story by Steven Reed.