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MAGENTA - Chameleon (CD in card slipcase)

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MAGENTA - Chameleon (CD in card slipcase)Format: CD / Released: 10/10/2011

Track Listing: 01. Glitterball / 02. Guernica / 03. Breathe / 04. Turn the tide / 05. Book of dreams / 06. Reflections / 07. Raw / 08. The beginning of the end / 09. Red

More information: 'Chameleon' follows on from the successful 'Metamorphosis', and may come as a surprise to some fans, so Rob Reed takes up the story:

“After Metamorphosis was released I ploughed straight into the next Magenta album, spending several weeks working flat-out in the studio. I was really happy with what I had written but I got sidetracked with other projects and everything sort of got left on the back burner. Then about six months ago I had another creative spurt and another 50 minutes of great ideas emerged.

When I sat back and took stock of what I had before me I realised that both writing sessions produced distinctive musical styles. The tracks from the first session were quite edgy and more contemporary and the second batch were more traditional, almost like ‘Seven’ in style. It quickly became apparent that I had written two completely different sounding albums. I decided to then make each album independently, and also to try a different recording process for the more contemporary songs.

Christina and I also had a few tracks that we had written together that were going to be future Magenta singles, so along with the edgier material, we had plenty of pieces that she could start writing lyrics for. We then got Kieran Bailey into the studio and it wasn’t long before we had recorded the drums for eight new Magenta tracks. Chris Fry then came and weaved his magic and before long what originally was planned as a new single, or possibly an EP, had escalated into a great sounding album."