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LONELY ROBOT - The Big Dream (Special Edition CD Digipak)

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LONELY ROBOT - The Big Dream (Special Edition CD Digipak)2017 studio album from John Mitchell (It Bites, Frost*, Arena) with many guests!
Format: CD / Cat No: 88985369482 / Released: 28/04/2017

Track Listing: 1. Prologue (Deep Sleep) / 2. Awakenings / 3. Sigma / 4. In Floral Green / 5. Everglow / 6. False Lights / 7. Symbolic / 8. The Divine Art Of Being / 9. The Big Dream / 10. Hello World Goodbye / 11. Epilogue (Sea Beams) / Bonus Tracks: 12. In Floral Green (Acoustic Version) / 13. The Divine Art Of Being (Acoustic Version) / 14. Why Do We Stay? (featuring Kim Seviour)

More information: John Mitchell is a man with a rich musical heritage and history - from musician and vocalist, to songwriter and producer. So it’s no great surprise to find him as the mastermind behind Lonely Robot.

“I can honestly say it's the most fun I've ever had in the studio. That's not to belittle anything I've done before but with this, I can wake up in the morning with a song idea in my head, write it and have it recorded by the evening.”

“With Lonely Robot, I have a clean slate and that's very exciting, because nobody expects anything in particular. It reminds me a lot of how things were when the Kino album (2005's ‘Picture’) was done, in that no-one knew what would come out of it. Musically, the Lonely Robot album is very proggy, but more about atmosphere than technical expertise. It reminds me in places of Kino and Frost*, but stands apart from both.”