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LAZULI - Le fantastique envol de Dieter Böhm (Media Book)

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LAZULI - Le fantastique envol de Dieter Böhm (Media Book)New studio album for 2020 - CD BOOK Edition with 60 pages
Format: CD / Cat No: BZZ041 / Released: 14/02/2020

Track Listing: Sol (4:27) / Acte 1: Les chansons sont des bouteilles à la mer (6:13) / Mers lacrymales (5:04) / Acte 2: Dieter Böhm (5:33) / Baume (3:31) / Acte 3: Un visage lunaire (4:15) / Acte 4: L’envol (2:25) / L’homme volant (5:37) / Epilogue: Dans les mains de Dieter (5:37’)

More information: Lazuli release their ninth studio album, Le Fantastique Envoi de Dieter Böhm, (The Fantastic Flight of Dieter Böhm).

The album, the follow-up to 2018’s much acclaimed Saison 8, is an allegorical fable and is a special tribute to all their loyal fans. It is dedicated to Dieter Böhm, a German fan who travels everywhere across Europe to see them play live.

The concept of the album tells how a musician plants a note on a desert island, which then grows into a melody and finally a song. Then, like a message in a bottle, it is cast out to the waves to find a listener, the recipient in this instance being Dieter who then merges into the sound.

Singer Domi Leonetti explains “This album is a thank you gift to all our listeners, inspired by the faces we see in front of us at concerts”.