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KOMPENDIUM - Elements - Beneath The Waves (2 CD)

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KOMPENDIUM - Elements - Beneath The Waves (2 CD)Format: CD / Cat No: TMRSE1113 / Released: 20/12/2013

Track Listing: CD 1: 1. Opening Narration (Original full length version) / 2. Exordium Part 1 (Strings only) / 3. Exordium Coda (Unused coda featuring Steve Balsamo) / 4. Exordium Part 2 (Strings Only) / 5. Stars (Unused track. Originally called Lilly, featuring narration) / 6. Lost (Strings only) / 7. Mercy Of The Sea (Full choir opening,extended second chorus with choir on end) / 8. The Storm Part 1 (Original opening and featuring Rob Reed vocal on sea shanty) / 9. The Storm/Reprise (Angharad Brinn solo vocal with orchestration and guitar) / 10. The Storm Part 2 (Featuring Mel Collins sax and original narration ending) / 11. Beneath The Waves (Extended version) / 12. Sole Survivor (Early mix with alternative vocal build with moog solo) / 13. Alone (Vocal and orchestral mix) / 14. Il Tempo e Giunto (Strings only mix) / 15. A Moment Of Clarity (Sound FX opening, gospel vocal by Tesni Jones and moog solo in middle section) / 16. One Small Step (Piano and vocal only mix) / 17. Reunion V1 (Original opening, narration in middle section, and male/female opera duet) / 18. Stars V2 (Original version and different ending) / 19. Alone End V1 (Alternative instrumental ending) / 20. Lilly (Original mix with Steve Hackett and Angharad Brinn only) / 21. Reunion 2 (Featuring Shan Cothi opera section) / 22. Alone End V2 (Alun Rhys-Jenkins and Shan Cothi opera duet) / 23. Reunion V3 (African ending) / 24. Reunion V4 (Coming Home original demo) / CD 2: Complete instrumental of the original album

More information: Over 2 hours of music, including original demos, unreleased tracks and instrumental versions from the original album 'Beneath The Waves'. The original album was voted Album Of the Year 2012 by the Classic Rock Society in the UK - "The Remarkable concept album in the tradition of War of the Worlds, Dark Side of the Moon and Tubular Bells - featuring the talents of Steve Hackett, Francis Dunnery, Steve Balsamo, Gavin Harrison, Nick Beggs, Mel Collins, Nick Barrett, John Mitchell, Neil Taylor, Jakko Jackzyk, Troy Donockley, Rob Reed, The English Chamber Choir, The London Session Orchestra conducted by Dave Stewart and many more.