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KNIFEWORLD - Bottled Out Of Eden (Special edition digipak CD)

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KNIFEWORLD - Bottled Out Of Eden (Special edition digipak CD)Third album of Prog/Psychedelic Rock from London-based band
Format: CD / Cat No: 88985306392 / Released: 22/04/2016

Track Listing: 1. High / Aflame (6:29) / 2. The Germ Inside (4:47) / 3. I Am Lost (7:14) / 4. The Deathless
(5:26) / 5. Foul Temple (2:38) / 6. Vision of the Bent Path (0:33) / 7. I Must Set Fire to Your Portrait (5:37) / 8. Lowered into Necromancy (4:05) / 9. A Dream About a Dream (5:43) / 10. Secret Words (3:13) / 11. Feel the Sorcery (3:51)

More information: New 11 track album of Prog/Psychedelic Rock from London-based band KNIFEWORLD. Recorded with Bob Drake (Tina Turner, Engelbert Humperdinck). The follow-up to 2014's 'The Unravelling' is described as "at times beautiful and uplifting and at others melancholic, haunting and otherworldly".

Frontman Kavus Torabi says: "After The Unravelling, which took over a year to complete, we deliberately wanted to change the variables – to alter the approach in order to make something different. I love The Unravelling but it was a very difficult record to make. Rather than spending so long in the studio, constructing, arranging, recording, re-recording and adding layers of additional instruments and noises, this time we wanted something rawer, more live sounding."

Torabi reports that once they had a name for the album, the songs came quickly. He adds: "For me, the title has three possible interpretations and all the songs fall under at least one of them. I always like to have a definite theme, it allows you to map out the territory making it far easier to identify which songs that will or won’t fit with the overarching idea giving the record a far greater cohesion."