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KLONE - Le Grand Voyage (CD Digipak)

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KLONE - Le Grand Voyage (CD Digipak)French Art Rock band Klone’s cinematic and epic 2019 debut release
Format: CD / Cat No: KSCOPE722 / Released: 20/09/2019

Track Listing: 1. Yonder (07:32) / 2. Breach (03:50) / 3. Sealed (04:46) / 4. Indelible (04:53) / 5. Keystone (04:57) / 6. Hidden Passenger (05:21) / 7. The Great Oblivion (04:43) / 8. Sad and Slow (04:33) / 9. Silver Gate (06:14)

More information: Known for its trademark dark guitar tones and epic brooding soundscapes, Le Grand Voyage is a dynamic and intense album that explores nine unique landscapes, and switches between dark, luminous, heavy and powerful sounds.

The album is inspired by duality: earthly and spiritual journeys, life and death, resilience and relenting, love and animosity – human nature and all its paradoxes. The ethereal atmospheres combine with riffs that recall 2012 album The Dreamer's Hideaway, and creates a natural evolution from 2015's Here Comes the Sun, evident in songs such as Sealed, Silver Gate and Hidden Passenger.

The drums - recorded by Morgan Berthet (Myrath) - add to the record's massive and airy sound. The artwork by Francesco Dell'Orto partners the music with a striking and detached viewpoint between two worlds as similar as they are different, putting into perspective the world that surrounds us.