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KAYAK - Seventeen (2 CD)

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KAYAK - Seventeen (2 CD)Legendary Dutch progressive rock band KAYAK release their seventeenth studio album.
Format: CD / Cat No: 19075802022 / Released: 21/01/2018

Track Listing: CD 1: 1. Somebody / 2. La Peregrina / 3. Falling / 4. Feathers And Tar / 5. Walk Through Fire / 6. Ripples On The Water / 7. All That I Want / 8. X Marks The Spot / 9. God On Our Side / 10. Love, Sail Away / 11. Cracks / 12. To An End

CD 2: 1. Cracks (Demo 2016) / 2. La Peregrina (Demo 2016) / 3. Falling (Demo 2016) / 4. Walk Through Fire (Demo 2016)

More information: Legendary Dutch progressive rock band KAYAK release their seventeenth studio album, entitled “Seventeen”.

KAYAK was founded in 1972 by keyboardist/composer Ton Scherpenzeel and drummer/composer Pim Koopman, along with lead singer Max Werner, guitarist Johan Slager and bass player Cees van Leeuwen. Often compared to contemporaries like Yes and Focus, the band quickly developed their own style of symphonic rock that was rather concentrating on songs than elaborate solos and long instrumental passages while KAYAK never shied away from including epic, longer tracks and captivating, dramatic arrangements. Throughout the years, KAYAK has seen many line-up changes with Ton Scherpenzeel now being the only original member and leader of the band.