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KARMAKANIC - In A Perfect World (Special Edition)

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KARMAKANIC - In A Perfect World (Special Edition)Fourth release by the band, formed by Jonas Riengold (Flower Kings)
Format: CD / Cat No: 505568 / Released: 25/07/2011

Track Listing: 1. 1969 / 2. Turn It Up / 3. The World Is Caving In / 4. Can´t Take It With You / 5. There´s Nothing Wrong With The World / 6. Bite The Grit / 7. When Fear Came To Town / 8. Turn It Up (radio edit) - Bonus Track / 9. Send A Message From The Heart - Bonus Video

More information: KARMAKANIC mastermind / bassist Jonas Reingold isn't out to re-invent the progressive rock wheel with the band's new album, “In A Perfect World”. On the contrary, in a genre that is overpopulated with artists obsessed with often inhuman instrumental fireworks, he has delivered a package that stands out for being organic, warm, and decidedly human. And while lines can be drawn to prog rock greats like Dream Theater, Ayreon and Fates Warning, it's the hints of everything from Styx to Deep Purple to The Beatles to Yes and make KARMAKANIC'S latest outing a seven course feast that will leave the listener hungry for more.

A member of prog rock cult favorites The Flower Kings since 1999, Reingold has released four albums under the KARMAKANIC banner since 2002. “In A Perfect World” is an unexpectedly smooth flow of musical styles from beginning to end. Steeped in an instantly recognizable '70s vibe, each of the seven tracks featured on the album have their own unique personalities without sounding mismatched. Whether it’s the opening romp of ‘1969’ or the smokey blues 10 minute outro of ‘When Fear Came To Town’, “In A Perfect World” never derails itself under the weight of its own creative genius.

“Normally I try to work with a couple themes,” Reingold explains. “The opening theme on '1969', for example, it reappears in the song a number of times in different shapes, different keys and tonalities, a different vibe, but I try not to change the ideas I'm working with too much. I try to keep a core running through the whole song. If you skip five minutes into the song it shouldn't be a different song. That's my main goal; therefore I try to keep things simple in terms of ideas. If I have three melodic themes going on I stick to them. I try not to put in too much information.”

This time out, however, Reingold’s big focus was on the lyrics for “In A Perfect World’s” seven tracks. As inspired as he was to write the music, without an equal amount of time spent on the lyrics he believes the album would be lacking a backbone. Because of his lyrical focus, fans will find “In A Perfect World” much stronger than any of the band’s previous releases.