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KARFAGEN - Solitary Sandpiper Journey

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KARFAGEN - Solitary Sandpiper JourneyOver 75 minutes of memorable melodies!
Format: CD / Cat No: CM10005 / Released: 17/05/2010

Track Listing: 1. Spirit of Revelation (7:18) / 2. Magic Moment (4:22) / 3. Silent Anger (part 2) (6:15) / 4. Solitary Sandpiper King (5:03) / 5. Searching for Love (8:32) / 6. Carpathians (13:49) / 7. Ode to a New Life (5:27) / 8. Kingfisher and Dragonflies (part 2) (2:15) / 9. Mystery (22:00) - a) Solid Ground / b) Rising Sun / c) Destruction / d) Redemption / e) Spirit of Revelation (reprise)

More information: As expansive and emotive a statement of progressive art rock music as you will hear this year with over 75 minutes of memorable melodies to savour. Its an excellent mix of mostly instrumental tracks with some stunning vocals which has expanded way beyond the horizons of earlier KARFAGEN, but still retains the much loved sounds that reminds us of bands such as CAMEL and FOCUS which is built upon with the debut of local guitarist ALEXANDR PAVLOV whos playing is masterful. For the first time there is vocals on three tracks by MARINA ZACHAROVA a female vocalist in the tradition of Celtic flavoured bands such as MOSTLY AUTUMN, MAGENTA and THE REASONING, a sound that creates that special magic the listener is always seeking, with vocals that heighten and compliment the track rather than dominate.