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KAIPA - Vittjar (Limited CD Digipak)

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KAIPA - Vittjar (Limited CD Digipak)The excellent Kaipa are back! Limited edition on first pressing only.
Format: CD / Cat No: 505978 / Released: 27/08/2012

Track Listing: 1. First Distraction (3:02) / 2. Lightblue and Green (12:01) / 3. Our Silent Ballroom Band (22:10) / 4. Vittjar (3:49) / 5. Treasure-House (7:34) / 6. A Universe of Tinyness (7:24) / 7. The Crowned Hillsides (10:33) / 8. Second Distration (2:22)

More information: Kaipa was originally formed by Hans Lundin in 1973 and their debut album was released in 1975. The first version of Kaipa (1973-1982) recorded five albums and became the leading Scandinavian progressive rock band. In 2001 Hans reformed the band and invited original Kaipa guitar player Roine Stolt to participate in the recording of the come-back album “Notes from the past” together with Morgan Ågren, Jonas Reingold, Patrik Lundström and Aleena Gibson. This line-up recorded two more remarkable albums “Keyholder” 2003 and “Mindrevolutions” 2005. A five CD-Box “The Decca Years 1975-1978” containing the three first Kaipa albums from the 70’s and two CD’s with previously unreleased material was released in 2005 to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the first Kaipa album.

“Angling feelings” 2007 was the first Kaipa album with new guitar player Per Nilsson. Kaipa’s mastermind and keyboard player Hans Lundin and Per Nilsson are old friends and worked together recording the album “Hagen: Corridors of time” in the late 90’s. Per is nowadays mostly famous as the lead guitar player in Swedish metal band Scar Symmetry. The highly acclaimed album “In The Wake Of Evolution” 2010 was another breath-taking journey through the intriguing and dazzling Kaipa landscape.

Now the Swedish progressive folk-rock-fusion-band KAIPA have a new album, “Vittjar”. The unique music of KAIPA continues to evolve, but no matter what direction it takes it always carries a profound breath from the innermost depths of the ancient Swedish primeval forest. This time they even use the Swedish language in the title track to further express and underline these feelings.

“Vittjar” is Kaipa’s 11th studio album and it continues the musical journey that explored new grounds with the highly acclaimed album “In The Wake Of Evolution” 2010. The addition of the eminent guest-musicians Fredrik Lindqvist (recorders & whistles) and Elin Rubinsztein (violin) further underlines the folk influences in the music.

Hans Lundin: Electric and acoustic keyboards, vocals
Per Nilsson: Electric and acoustic guitars (Scar Symmetry)
Morgan Ågren: Drums (Mats & Morgan, Zappa)
Jonas Reingold: Electric basses (The Flower Kings, Karmakanic)
Patrik Lundström: Vocals (Ritual)
Aleena Gibson: Vocals