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KAIPA - Nattdjurstid (Remaster)

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KAIPA - Nattdjurstid (Remaster)Fifth album (1982) from Swedish band
Format: CD / Cat No: 80592 / Released: 05/02/2016

Track Listing: 1. Galen (2:45) / 2. Nattdjurstid (5:52) / 3. Timmar av glas (2:12) / 4. Zepapo (3:23) / 5. Identitetkris (4:37) / 6. Inom oss (3:28) / 7. Speglarna (5:45) / 8. Närmare (4:40) / 9. Våntar en storm (5:40) / Bonus tracks: 10. Cellskrack (Claustrophobia) (5:03) / 11. Blandad Ikvall (Blinded tonight) (4:11) / 12. Arme Av Lust (Army of desire) (4:21)

More information: "Nattdjurstid" is the last album by Kaipa from the 70s and 80s. After a few lineup changes in those past few years, the constant person to remain in the band was founding member Hans Lundin. Times have changed in Sweden as well, and the early 80s have a strong influence on the music scene everywhere. Kaipa was not saved from that, and many typical 80s sounds came into the music of Kaipa. "Nattdjurstid" is less successful as its predecessors although the group is again performing a lot of concerts during that year. Finally the band decides to have a break at the end of the year, which in
the end will last for 19 years before Hans Lundin resurrects his Kaipa in a very "progressive outfit" at the turn of the millennium.

This is the first ever release on CD for this album, and as well as being remastered, "Nattdjurstid" was partly remixed and expanded with three bonus tracks.