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JOLLY - The Audio Guide To Happiness (Part 2)

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JOLLY - The Audio Guide To Happiness (Part 2)Two years after Part 1, here's Part 2! In Special Edition PocketPac.
Format: CD / Cat No: 506350 / Released: 04/03/2013

Track Listing: 1. Guidance Three (01:43) / 2. Firewell (06:43) / 3. You Against the World (05:11) / 4. Aqualand and the 7 Suns (04:07) / 5. Dust Nation Bleak (05:09) / 6. Golden Divide (05:45) / 7. Guidance Four (01:00) / 8. Lucky (02:37) / 9. While We Slept in Burning Shades (05:17) / 10. Despite the Shell (06:42) / 11. As Heard on Tape (05:34) / 12. The Grand Utopia (06:18)

More information: In March 2011, JOLLY released The Audio Guide To Happiness (Part 1), the first of a two-part series that is scientifically designed to bring a listener to a state of true happiness. The band collaborated with a professor and a few grad students at a nearby university, who conducted studies on over 5,000 subjects to perfect the usage of binaural tones to optimize the JOLLY listening experience. It was the peak of the band’s pretentiousness, but also a very rewarding undertaking.

After releasing part one of The Audio Guide, which received critical acclaim and was deemed by many one of the top albums of the year, JOLLY toured the US and Europe. Again, the airplane food was salty and the flight was long, but the band watched reruns of Friends to pass the time. Shortly after returning from tour, Mike Portnoy asked JOLLY to open for his band Flying Colors at Best Buy Theater in Times Square. He even said: “I am a big fan of the last two Jolly albums and handpicked them to open the Flying Colors show in NYC.”

In October 2012, Hurricane Sandy struck JOLLY hard, destroying Louis’ home, which also functioned as the band’s practice space and recording studio. All of Louis’ possessions and a lot of the band’s equipment were ruined. Needless to say, the members of JOLLY were devastated, but they tried to remain positive. The timing couldn't have been worse; the band was in the midst of finalizing The Audio Guide To Happiness (Part 2), but had to break away from the album to throw out Louis’ belongings and completely gut his home. In need of new equipment, JOLLY started a fundraising campaign, and their incredible fans came through in a big way to help the band rebuild after this major disaster.

The Audio Guide To Happiness (Part 2) is now here, and is a standing symbol of JOLLY’s recovery from the storm.