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JANSEN & BARBIERI - LumenRare recording of the only Steve Jansen/Richard Barbieri concert ever!
Format: CD / Cat No: KSCOPE321 / Released: 12/02/2016

Track Listing: 1. Sleepers Awake (08:08) / 2. When Things Dream (03:15) / 3. Lumen (03:37) / 4. The Night Gives Birth (04:58) / 5. Long Tales, Tall Shadows (05:14) / 6. Beginning To Melt (11:30) / 7. Crossing The Border (Bonus Track) (04:51)

More information: 'Lumen' is a rare recording of the only Steve Jansen/Richard Barbieri concert ever to be performed. The show was recorded at the Melkweg, Amsterdam on 1st Nov 1996 as part of the famous Dutch Magazine OOR's 25th anniversary celebrations.

With Jansen & Barbieri joined on stage by Mick Karn on bass and saxophone plus Steven Wilson on guitar they performed songs from their 'Stone To Flesh', 'Stories Across Borders' and 'Beginning To Melt' albums. Although the concert was never intentionally recorded for release, after hearing back the direct line stereo mix, Jansen & Barbieri decided it contained certain elements that brought the studio versions to life. There were no options to alter anything from the 1996 mix but regardless of this fact they released it as a limited edition run of 500 cassettes. All that you hear on 'Lumen' is what happened on the night, warts and all, and is in every sense a true live album.

This 2016 CD version of 'Lumen' features a bonus track - 'Crossing The Border'. This track was recorded during the 'Stories Across Borders' sessions which took place in Northern Italy in spring 1991. Originally intended as a contender for the album the track was subsequently put aside in favour of other titles which worked more cohesively in maintaining the mood of the album. 'Crossing The Border' was rediscovered on digital audio tape earlier this year as a rough mix and was sonically embellished for 'Lumen' by Steve Jansen.

'Lumen' is presented in a digipak sleeve with an 8 page colour booklet featuring cover artwork designed by Carl Glover.