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HUNTER TIM - Yorkshire Through The Ages

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HUNTER TIM - Yorkshire Through The AgesNew release by composer, producer and singer Tim Hunter
Format: CD / Cat No: 0634158625152 / Released: 01/01/2017

Track Listing: 1.Brigantia (4.14) / 2.North Rising (4.0) / 3.Yorkshire Day (3.15) / 4.Bloodaxe (The Last of the Viking Kings) (3.40) / 5.Maundy Money (4.02) / 6.Guido (Gunpowder speaks louder than words) (4.04) / 7.Marston Moor (A Very English Civil War) (3.31) / 8.Prospects of Adventure (3.04) / 9.The Smuggler’s Way (Robin Hood’s Bay) (3.54) / 10.Wilberforce (3.31) / 11.Dracula (when the sun goes down in Whitby Town) (4.51) / 12.Industrial Revolutions (5.32)

More information: Featuring songs about the last 2000 years of Yorkshire’s history, ‘Yorkshire Through The Ages’ marks a return to a more classic rock style for British Singer/Songwriter Tim Hunter. Tim’s native region is Yorkshire, and his songs on the album are inspired by many of Yorkshire’s historical events and characters, including the Brigantian era, the clashes with Romans and Vikings, the political rebel Guy Fawkes, the explorer Captain James Cook, the anti-slavery campaigner William Wilberforce and the fictional character Dracula.

The album is Tim’s first full solo release since ‘Ascension’ in 2013 (apart from the 2014 ‘Knaresborough’ EP). Since ‘Ascension’ Tim has been busy working on international collaborations: with American playwright Frederick McKinnon (Journeys: Captain James Cook) and with Acid Dragon’s Thierry Sportouche (Silver Hunter: ‘Mad Moonlighters’) who is based in Lyon, France.