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HAWKWIND - We Are Looking In On You (2 CD)

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HAWKWIND - We Are Looking In On You (2 CD)Live album with the best cuts from their recent live dates across the UK!
Format: CD / Cat No: CDBREDD864 / Released: 07/10/2022

Track Listing: CD 1: 1. Magnu / 2. Cave Of Phantom Dreams / 3. Unsomnia / 4. Uncle Samís On Mars / 5. Usb1 / 6. Spirit Of The Age / 7. Itís Only A Dream / 8. Peace / 9. Right To Decide

CD 2: 1. Levitation / 2. Brainstorm / 3. Neurons / 4. In The Beginning / 5. Hurry On Sundown / 6. Born To Go / 7. Star Explorer / 8. Space Is Deep / 9. Itís Not Unusual / 10. The Watcher

More information: Prolific space rock band Hawkwind return with a brand-new live album. Choosing the best cuts from their recent live dates across the UK, 'We Are Looking In On You' is an all-encompassing release that celebrates their legendary past alongside their critically acclaimed new music.

'We Are Looking In On You' superbly captures highlights from Hawkwindís illustrious canon, including Levitation, Spirit Of The Age, Hurry On Sundown, Right To Decide and Space Is Deep, all sitting seamlessly alongside current classics such as Unsomnia, Cave Of Phantom Dreams and Itís Only A Dream from 2021ís acclaimed studio album Somnia.

A must-have for any Hawkwind fan, this is the latest installment from Hawkwind, (Dave Brock, Richard Chadwick, Magnus Martin, Doug MacKinnon and Tim "Thighpaulsandra" Lewis), as they continue on their galactic journey.