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HAKEN - Affinity (Standard Edition)

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HAKEN - Affinity (Standard Edition)4th album includes the 16 minute 'The Architect' featuring Leprous vocalist!
Format: CD / Cat No: 88985307942 / Released: 29/04/2016

Track Listing: 1. affinity.exe (1:26) / 2. Initiate (4:16) / 3. 1985 (9:08) / 4. Lapse (4:44) / 5. The Architect (15:40) / 6. Earthrise (4:48) / 7. Red Giant (6:06) / 8. The Endless Knot (5:50) / 9. Bound By Gravity (9:29)

More information: Haken are a UK-based progressive metal band and "Affinity" is their 4th record, following the well received third release ‘The Mountain’. They are probably one of the most promising new progressive metal acts at the moment (with Dream Theater being vocally supportive of the band too).

This album, which includes the 16 minute 'The Architect' featuring Leprous vocalist Einar Solberg, sees the band drawing influence from the oft-neglected Progressive scene of the 1980s.

"The 1970s was a golden age for prog music," explains guitarist Charles Griffiths. "In the past we've taken a lot from bands of that era, especially Gentle Giant, but this time, we've gone more towards the next decade for our inspiration. It means albums like 90125 from Yes, Toto IV and King Crimson's Three of a Perfect Pair. We all love the sounds they used and we've incorporated some of that approach on Affinity."

Available as a standard 9 track CD or Deluxe CD with 9 instrumental tracks and media book packaging.