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GLASS HAMMER - Dreaming City

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GLASS HAMMER - Dreaming CityPart I of their Skallagrim trilogy. Recommended!
Format: CD / Cat No: SR4321 / Released: 27/04/2020

Track Listing: 1. The Dreaming City (7:14) / 2. Cold Star (7:29) / 3. Terminus (4:17) / 4. The Lurker Beneath (1:44) / 5. Pagarna (3:33) / 6. At the Threshold of Dreams (4:11) / 7. This Lonely World (4:52) / 8. October Ballad (4:11) / 9. The Tower (2:40) / 10. A Desperate Man (4:15) / 11. The Key (6:10) / 12. Watchman On the Walls (11:29)

More information: Glass Hammer returns to the world of The Inconsolable Secret with 2020’s Dreaming City. Perhaps the group’s most powerful musical statement to date, the album tells the story of a “desperate man…as doomed as they come” who must fight his way through a spectrum of horrors to rescue his lover. We find out early in the album that the protagonist has only three days to find her before she dies; a dilemma which sets the stage for all that is to come and guarantees an emotional roller-coaster ride for the listener.

Band-leader Steve Babb describes the album as a story about “finding hope in the midst of despair”.

“Dreaming City rocks a lot harder than many of our previous albums,” he adds. “But we are experimenting now with blending many genres, from 70’s classic prog to space rock and synth-wave. 2018’s Chronomonaut was a big hit for us, so we want to keep that momentum going. We never want to make the same album twice though, so expect some surprises on Dreaming City.”

Line-up: Steve Babb - keyboards, bass, backing vocals, lead vocals (1,5,12) / Fred Schendel - keyboards, guitars, backing vocals / Aaron Raulston - drums / Susie Bogdanowicz - lead vocals (8) / Brian Brewer - lead guitar (7,8), acoustic guitar (12) / Reese Boyd - lead vocals (2,11,12), lead guitar (1,5,12) / John Beagley - lead vocals (3,7,10) / Joe Logan - lead vocals (11) / James Byron Schoen - guitar (11) / Barry Seroff - flute (2,11)