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GLASS HAMMER - Dreaming City

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GLASS HAMMER - Dreaming CityNew studio album for 2020 - perhaps the band's most powerful musical statement to date
Format: CD / Cat No: SR4321 / Released: 27/04/2020

Track Listing: 1. The Dreaming City (7:14) / 2. Cold Star (7:29) / 3. Terminus (4:17) / 4. The Lurker Beneath (1:44) / 5. Pagarna (3:33) / 6. At the Threshold of Dreams (4:11) / 7. This Lonely World (4:52) / 8. October Ballad (4:11) / 9. The Tower (2:40) / 10. A Desperate Man (4:15) / 11. The Key (6:10) / 12. Watchman On the Walls (11:29)

More information: Glass Hammer returns to the world of The Inconsolable Secret with 2020’s Dreaming City. Perhaps the group’s most powerful musical statement to date, the album tells the story of a “desperate man…as doomed as they come” who must fight his way through a spectrum of horrors to rescue his lover. We find out early in the album that the protagonist has only three days to find her before she dies; a dilemma which sets the stage for all that is to come and guarantees an emotional roller-coaster ride for the listener.

Band-leader Steve Babb describes the album as a story about “finding hope in the midst of despair”.

“Dreaming City rocks a lot harder than many of our previous albums,” he adds. “But we are experimenting now with blending many genres, from 70’s classic prog to space rock and synth-wave. 2018’s Chronomonaut was a big hit for us, so we want to keep that momentum going. We never want to make the same album twice though, so expect some surprises on Dreaming City.”

Babb is joined by Fred Schendel, Aaron Raulston, Susie Bogdanowicz and new Glass Hammer vocalists Reese Boyd and John Beagley.