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GANDALF'S FIST - The Clockwork Prologue (2 CD)

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GANDALF'S FIST - The Clockwork Prologue (2 CD)New release - an 'expansion pack' to their 2016 triple album "The Clockwork Fable"!
Format: CD / Cat No: NKP004 / Released: 01/07/2019

Track Listing: 1. The Belly Of The Earth / 2. An Expedition Amidst The Ice Burrows / 3. Wardens / 4. Badgerwhacked / 5. Solar Huntress / 6. Dirty Doyle’s Surface Souvenirs / 7. Supplies For The Festivities / 8. Secrets, Traitors And A Smashing Set Of Porcelain Ducks On Layby / 9. Blackening / 10. Hall Of The Badger King / 11. Sun Sickness / 12. Menders Of Devices / 13. The Clokkemaker / 14. A Shortcut Across A Deranged Steam Conveyor / 15. The Waxwork Downs / 16. The Sovereign Airship Station / 17. Leader Of Men / 18. Wheels In Motion / 19. The Lamplighter (Overture)

More information: Prepare to return to Cogtopolis! On the 3-year anniversary of their previous release, Gandalf’s Fist will release a brand new double album "The Clockwork Prologue". In a unique twist, the two discs are designed to act as an 'expansion pack' to their 2016 triple album "The Clockwork Fable" taking the combined releases to a seamless 5-disc adventure.

Using a mix of unused material and brand new songs composed by the now 6-piece group, "The Clockwork Prologue", is neither a prequel nor a stand-alone story but somewhere tantalising between the two. Providing listeners with either their first glimpse into the steamy world of the subterranean city of Cogtopolis, or more excitingly, upgrades their previous album to a 5-hour Quintuple Prog Epic.

The album once again features the acting talents of Mark Benton (Shakespeare & Hathaway, Early Doors, Waterloo Road); Bill Fellows (Lady Macbeth, Downton Abbey, Broadchurch); Paul Kavanagh (The Wastelander) and Tim Munro (Dr Who, Great Expectations) and returns listeners to a post-apocalyptic underworld and struggle for the surface.

Gandalf’s Fist frontman, Dean Marsh commented: "I’ve loved playing video games since the 80’s and the idea of creating a musical expansion-pack, in the same way game manufactures introduce new levels and new quests has been an undertaking we’ve all enjoyed immensely. It’s been a great opportunity to finish all the wonderful ideas we couldn’t even fit into a triple album in 2016 as well as being a fantastic way of collaborating on new material with our own 'upgraded' line-up with Ben and Keri. The whole thing sounds fantastic and without question has some of our finest songs to date!"