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FROST - Day And Age (Black 2 LP + CD)

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FROST - Day And Age (Black 2 LP + CD)Frost* are back with their fourth studio album!
Format: Album / Cat No: 19439842991 / Released: 14/05/2021

Track Listing: LP 1 - Side A: 1. Day And Age (11:49) / 2. Terrestrial (5:13)

LP 1 - Side B: 1. Waiting For The Lie (4:31) / 2. The Boy Who Stood Still (7:33) / 3. Island Life (4:14) / 4. Skywards (4:13)

LP 2 - Side A: 1. Kill The Orchestra (9:27) / 8. Repeat To Fade (6:14)

LP 2 - Side B: Etching

CD: 1. Day And Age (11:49) / 2. Terrestrial (5:13) / 3. Waiting For The Lie (4:31) / 4. The Boy Who Stood Still (7:33) / 5. Island Life (4:14) / 6. Skywards (4:13) / 7. Kill The Orchestra (9:27) / 8. Repeat To Fade (6:14)

More information: Formed in 2004 by keyboard player Jem Godfrey, the band have so far released 3 studio albums, and most recently the career-spanning ’13 Winters’ collection. Now the band have returned as the 3-piece of Godfrey alongside longtime collaborators John Mitchell & Nathan King. “We were quite energised by the change to be honest”, says Godfrey, “it gave us a much broader palette of options in compositional terms, we would write a song and say, “Let’s imagine drummer x has joined the band, what would he do here? It led us off in some interesting new directions”. In the end, three drummers became part of the recording project : Kaz Rodriguez (Chaka Khan, Josh Groban), Darby Todd (The Darkness, Martin Barre) and Pat Mastelotto (Mister Mister, King Crimson). “Each musician brought a very different style of playing to the music,” says John Mitchell, “and we tailored the songs to suit them.”

In January 2020, the band setup a new temporary studio for a week in a converted coastguard tower at Dungeness in East Sussex, UK. “We were 30 feet by the sea, next to a nuclear power station and a lighthouse, in midwinter! So there was hardly any daylight and the weather was dreadful”, laughs bassist Nathan King, “We wrote “Terrestrial” and “Repeat To Fade” there and in my head you can absolutely hear the bleak isolated oppression having an effect on us. The songs we wrote were far darker – the wind howling round the building at night, the power station generating crackles on the audio, a huge lighthouse next door sweeping a vast light into the fog every 30 seconds and John screaming “ENJOY YOURSELVES YOU SCUM” into a microphone. It was absolutely brilliant!”.

‘Day And Age’ is released as a Limited 2 CD (including the album as instrumentals on disc 2), as well as a Gatefold 2 LP (with etching on Side D) + CD edition.
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